It’s A Real Life Hoedown Out Here & NYFW Is Proof

Cowgirl trends have been on the rise over the past year. Cowboy boots were one of the biggest footwear trends of 2023, while 'coastal cowgirl' took over TikTok with its laidback, boho style. Even the beauty industry wasn’t exempt from the rise of country trends in 2023, with ‘copper cowgirl’ quickly becoming a coveted hair colour across the world. And now, with Taylor Swift making her rounds in the US and now Australia, cowboy boots have become a statement piece in many of our wardrobes.
Rodeo fashion was once confined to, well, actual rodeos, only making a foray into city dwellers’ wardrobes via an occasional bedazzled boot or a bit of fringe on a jacket. And with the rise of glittering country garb, women, in particular, have embraced cowboy hats for hen's nights and birthday parties as a fun metaphorical neon sign pointing to exactly who the centre of attention should be that day.
But the first cowgirl trend of 2024 is decidedly more wearable — and statement-making. As seen in the street style at New York Fashion Week (NYFW), cowboy hats have officially infiltrated the city and they’re not being worn ironically anymore. 
Unlike many of the Western "aesthetics" of 2023, which encouraged us to fully commit to an entire outfit of cowgirl pieces, the rise of the cowboy hat — in New York City, no less — isn't telling you to follow the rules. Sure, you can pair it with double denim for a full Western look, or opt for a more pared-back style and add a cowboy hat as a little hit of drama alongside an all-grey skirt suit. In short, the cowboy hat is now a bona fide fashion item.
For some people at Fashion Week, cowboy hats (and Hoedowncore in general) are just the cherry on top of an outfit, in the same way that hair adorned with pastel-hued bows has become the norm in the past year. 
Country trends have also been on the rise in the music industry — even in the last month alone. Just this week, during the Super Bowl, Beyoncé finally confirmed what we’ve long speculated about (and dearly hoped for), announcing a country album and dropping two new singles, “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages” in a single ad.
This followed the singer wearing a Western-inspired outfit, including a white Stetson cowboy hat, and custom Louis Vuitton jacket and skirt (from Pharrell Williams’ collection), as a nod to her Houston roots and impending album. 
If the rise of cowboy hats has taught us anything this month, it’s that this trend is for everyone. It’s a real-life hoedown out here and we’re taking note.
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