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A Week In Bronte, Sydney, On A $110,000 Salary

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Occupation: Communications Manager
Industry: Medical Technology 
Age: 33
Location: Bronte, Sydney, NSW
My Salary: $110,000 + $10,450 superannuation contributions
Net Worth: $292,803 ($190,000 in savings which I'm still deciding how best to invest (deciding between property or shares, or a combination of the two) and $102,803 in superannuation.)
Debt: $0
Paycheque Amount (fortnightly): $3,136
Pronouns: She/Her

Monthly Expenses

Rent: $1,450. I rent a two-bedroom place with my partner. It’s $2,900 a month but we split it 50/50.
Internet (iiNet): $50
Mobile Credit (Moose): $29 (Hot tip: choose a SIM-only plan)
Electricity (Origin): $120 (approx)
Home Insurance — Contents (Allianz): $75
Private Health Insurance (NIB): $93
Amazon (Audible): $14
Netflix: $10
Spotify: $12
Cloud Storage: $35
Savings: $1,200
Public Transport: I budget $80 per week for transport — most weeks I come in well under budget, other weeks I am over but it balances out and overall I am definitely ahead from choosing not to own a car.

Did you participate in any form of higher education? If yes, how did you pay for it?

I did a bachelor's degree which I paid for with a HECS-HELP loan. I personally think it’s great the Commonwealth government provides these loans and other subsidies.

Growing up, what kind of conversations did you have about money? Did your parent/guardian(s) educate you about finances?

I don’t remember specific conversations, but I think my parents did a good job of educating me about money. They set me up with a bank account when young, I was given pocket money to put into my account and was encouraged to save up and buy items I wanted.

What was your first job and why did you get it?

My first job was at an ice cream store in a shopping centre. Most of my friends had jobs in high school, but my parents wanted me to focus on school and my co-curricular activities. This meant that I didn’t start working until I was 18 years old and had started university. Even at this stage, I didn’t need to start working because my parents were still happy and able to support me but I wanted to for my own independence. At the time, and still now, I recognise that I was hugely privileged to be in this position.

Did you worry about money growing up?

I didn't, which just goes to show what a privileged upbringing I had. When I was 15 years old, my dad got a job interstate so my family and I moved. I had previously only ever been to public schools but my parents really wanted the best for me and decided to put me into a private school for my final three years of high school. As a result, I was exposed to people with a lot more wealth so I became more aware of money at this stage.

Do you worry about money now?

I don't worry about money but find myself comparing elements of my life to others more than I would like to admit. I'm one of the only people in my various friendship groups that does not own a house. I'm interested in potentially buying an investment property and continuing to rent where I am.
I don't want to be an owner and occupier at this stage because I know it would mean I would need to move away from the beach — potentially even move to another city or town, and/or downgrade from the place I'm in which would mean my life would drastically change. There are a lot of benefits about renting and I love the life I lead, yet still find myself making this comparison, so I suppose I do have some insecurities about money.

At what age did you become financially responsible for yourself and do you have a financial safety net?

I moved out of home when I was 21 years old and started living in a share house with my boyfriend at the time and a couple of other people. By this stage, I had graduated from university and was already working in a full-time corporate role so was very self-sufficient, and because I had been living at home had a good amount of savings.
Despite being made redundant twice and essentially going through a divorce (I had an 11 year relationship that ended and we split everything — I'm thankful that it was amicable), I have never needed to dip into my savings and they have been able to grow with me over time.
I think it's important for everyone to have a financial safety net, but even more essential for women. For me, having a financial safety net means not only having a healthy amount of savings but also having a decent amount in superannuation.

Do you or have you ever received passive or inherited income? If yes, please explain.

When my mum’s parents died, my mum inherited a sum of money. She gave my brother and I $20,000 each. My grandma decided to give all of her grandchildren, including me, $10,000 each to enjoy while she was alive. Earlier this year, I bought a painting with some of the money — this was exciting because it is the first piece of real artwork I’ve ever purchased. I love that she did this and it really cemented for me that women (an elderly woman in this case) can make financial decisions for themselves.

Day One

5:30am — My alarm goes off. I'm a bit tired so I snooze for about 20 minutes before getting up. I had a busy weekend doing Christmas shopping — I only buy for my immediate family, partner and a few friends, so thankfully I don't have a huge list of people to buy for. I also did the Sydney Harbour 10km. I don’t usually compete but because everything has been cancelled due to the pandemic, it was the first race I had done in a while. My friend was pushing me to do it in 45 minutes (which by my standards is really quick). I ended up doing it in 48 minutes which I was happy with, but I'm feeling it today!

6:30am — I'm very lucky and live just a 10-minute walk to Bronte beach and a 20-minute walk to Clovelly beach, so I'm at one almost every day. I usually do a run/swim at Clovelly on Monday’s with a local group I met about a year ago — they're hardcore and do it three times a week without fail. My legs are too sore from yesterday’s run so I go for a short solo swim instead and meet up with them afterwards. I really love swimming at Clovelly because it’s fairly protected and there are heaps of fish and other marine life like stingrays there. I’m definitely more of a runner than a swimmer, but the more swimming I do, the better I get.

7:30am — I have a coffee ($4.50) at the local French bakery with a few people from the running/swimming group. I grab a fresh loaf of sourdough ($7.50) while I’m there too. $12

8:00am — I quickly make myself some avocado on toast with the sourdough I bought earlier then get myself ready to start work at 9am. I'm a Communications Manager so no two days are the same which I really like. Today is a very meeting-heavy day but it’s good to check in with everyone at the start of the week.

12:00pm — I stop to have lunch — there's some homemade miso soup leftover from the weekend. My partner and I try to make bigger dinners so there are leftovers for lunch as we find cooking in bulk easier and more cost-effective. Alternatively, we have a few fridge and pantry staples so we have ingredients to make a basic salad or sandwich for lunch. I listen to a podcast called 7am while I munch down.

1:00pm — After I’ve cleaned up, I head back to my home office and I get back to my meetings.

5:00pm — I finish work and switch from my work computer to my personal computer to do some life admin. I email my patrol captain to let them know I'll miss my next rostered volunteer surf life-saving shift as I'm heading away for my birthday! I bite the bullet and buy some new bathers online ($73.35). I also grab a big bottle of body wash online ($36) which I'm gifting to a friend for Christmas as a bit of a joke as she always uses mine. I email my doctor because I haven’t been refunded the Medicare rebate for an appointment from last week — it’s a $88 rebate so well worth following up. Finally, I list an old desk on Marketplace and Gumtree. I’m not really fussed about how much I get for it cause I got it for free through an old housemate, but am really hoping to find it a new home so it doesn’t end up in landfill. $109.35

8:30pm — To unwind, my partner and I switch on the TV and I do some much-needed stretches and foam rolling. We’ve just started watching a documentary series on SBS Demand called First Australians. As the name may suggest, it’s about Australia’s First Nations people. Our history and the treatment of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples was (and in many instances is still) awful and confronting but I am committed to learning more because it's an important part of Australia's reconciliation.

9:30pm — A buyer from Facebook Marketplace comes to pick up the desk (+$30). I'm happy it sold quickly and more importantly that it was able to be rehomed and recycled.

10:00pm — I wash and moisturise my face, brush my teeth and then climb into bed. My partner and I tend to chat a bit in bed, but tonight I’m dozing off.
Daily Total: $121.35

Day Two

5:30am — I struggle to get up when my alarm goes off again today. My partner gives me some kisses on my forehead which helps me wake up.

6:00am — I didn't think it was possible, but I'm more tired and sore today than I was yesterday — maybe some yoga will help? I switch on the TV and do a YouTube yoga flow with Ashley Freeman. Like the rest of the world, I got into home yoga during lockdown.
7:30am — I walk down to Bronte beach to grab a coffee ($4.50) followed by a quick dip. I see my old housemate and stop for a chat — she's great but I’m glad to not be in a sharehouse anymore. I was in a long term relationship for a long time so didn’t do the sharehouse thing properly until I was in my 30s. It was mostly a good experience but because I'm an introvert, I much prefer living with a partner like I am now, or by myself. I totally appreciate that this is a luxury and not something everyone can afford to do - especially not in Sydney, and especially not in the Eastern suburbs). $4.50
8:30am — I have a shower and get ready for work. I am still working from home and today have no meetings so put very little effort in — I just wash and moisturise my face, brush my teeth, throw some clothes on and my hair up in a ponytail.
9:00am — I have some marketing collateral I need to get through, so spend the morning doing that before switching to updating some different marketing collateral. It’s mostly copywriting but there is one video going through production so I also have to liaise with our video agency.
12:30pm — I'm almost always hungry because I’m fairly active, but I don’t have much of an appetite today, so I just heat up some falafels and have them with hummus. I also have a sweet tooth so I cut up some pineapple.
2:00pm — I probably should have had a proper lunch because I'm hungry again. I go to the kitchen and grab a handful of pistachios and make myself a peppermint tea. I don’t know what it is but there’s something satisfying about cracking open nuts. Pistachios are so addictive that I have to restrain myself from going back to the kitchen for more.
4:00pm — I spent most of the day working on just one document — I'm a bit cross-eyed, so I give myself an early mark and go for a walk. Despite it being blue skies all day, it's now grey with thunder and lightning. To avoid getting completely soaked, I jumped on the bus (the card reader isn't working so I guess it's free today). I stop by at the shops and grab a few things a couple of social events I have coming up later in the week. I also get some fruit and vegetables for the week — $87.32 total, split 50/50 with my partner ($43.66). I came to this supermarket specifically to get some individually wrapped vegan chocolates to give to four of my vegan friends — the brand is Loco Love and they’re $4.99 each, so definitely not the cheapest. But they're delicious and the packaging is pretty, so they make a good small gift. $43.66
4:30pm — I need nail polish remover ($4.99) so pop into the pharmacy too. While I'm there, I get some baby sunscreen ($29.98) to go with some pool toys that I bought on the weekend as another small Christmas gift for another friend. She has recently had her second baby and done a pool renovation. I don't have kids so I struggle to know what to buy for my friends’ children and try to opt for practical gifts. $34.97
8:00pm — My best friend lives in Western Australia and is pregnant with her first baby, so a few friends and family are jumping on a video call later tonight to plan her baby shower in January. Unfortunately with the time difference that means we won’t get to speak until 10pm which is normally when I go to bed. I use the extra time to start compiling two playlists for my bestie. She was told she needs two playlists for birth — a calm one and a more upbeat one, so I get to work.
8:30pm — I check my email while I am looking up songs. To my pleasant surprise, I have been invited to do an interview later this week for a job I recently applied for. I'm on a full-time fixed-term contract which is due to end early next year so I’ve started looking around but this is the first job I’ve actually applied for. I write back to thank them and share my availability. I’ve got that excited and nervous feeling in my stomach.
10:00pm — My best friend is running a few minutes late for our video call. She blows me away — she’s pregnant, working her corporate job and still cutting hair for past clients in her 'spare time' (she was previously a hairdresser). I end up getting a chance to speak with her mum one-on-one, which is nice. My bestie and I have been friends since we were in year four and were inseparable growing up, so her mum was a second mum for me growing up. My best friend and another friend from high school join the call and we get planning. The baby shower is planned for January and my bestie is due in mid-February — unfortunately due to the WA border closure, I'll miss the baby shower which is upsetting.
11:00pm — My call ends. I wash and moisturise my face, brush my teeth and then climb into bed trying not to wake up my partner.
Daily Total: $83.13

Day Three

5:30am — I wake up to my alarm and start scrolling through my social feeds — Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and because I’m looking for a new job, LinkedIn. I stop myself and get up and ready for run and a swim.
6:00am — I walk to Clovelly beach. I see a couple of friends on the way, so I stop for a quick chat.
6:30am — I’m off and running with the run/swim group. We’re in and out of the water so we wear our sneakers in the water, which is a funny sight. The aim is to do five laps. To my surprise, I do seven easily.
7:30am — Despite packing my bag the night before, I’ve forgotten my KeepCup so have my coffee as dine-in ($4.50). I like to take moments like this one for myself when I can. $4.50
8:15am — When I get home, I make myself an Açai Bowl. I usually buy the frozen Açai, but my partner bought a powder version so I’m using that at the moment. It’s nice, but I prefer the frozen one. While I eat, I listen to the 7am podcast.
8:45am — I unload the dryer from yesterday, put the clothes away, then start work. I’m out for my team Christmas function this afternoon and need to get a few things done before I head out, so I start work still in my activewear.
11:30am — I finally take a shower and get ready to go. I blowdry and curl my hair and put on a small amount of make-up.
12:30pm — I go to book an Uber but it's surging because of higher demand. I wait five minutes and the price has dropped by $10. I think it'll drop more, so I wait another five minutes. It hasn’t dropped and I'll be late if I don’t leave now, so I book a ride ($48.45). I get dropped off — it doesn't seem right, but I have never been to the venue so I just jump out. $48.45
1:15pm — As I thought, I've been dropped about 2km from where I need to be. I’m now late so book a second Uber — $8.95.
1:30pm — I finally arrive at lawn bowls. I hate being late to things but it didn’t matter too much today because it’s only a casual function. After not seeing anyone for almost a whole year due to the pandemic, it's surreal to see people in real life. There are some share platters and an open bar, so lunch doesn’t cost anything today. After chatting and having something to eat, a few of us start playing lawn bowls. We get in a few games before the rain sets in.
5:00pm — Everyone starts to head off. I need to get to the other side of Sydney for a trivia night, but it's pouring with rain and its peak hour traffic. It takes THIRTY minutes to try and book a ride. In the end, my manager, a colleague and I hail a taxi and carpool back to the Eastern suburbs where we all live. We all pay for our individual fares — $36.75.
7:30pm — I finally arrive at trivia and say hi to my partner and some of his friends. I have missed a few rounds of the trivia (I have terrible general knowledge so would hardly say I am a critical trivia team member). We’re at an RSL, meaning the menu is limited. My partner and I get a Spatchock dish and some wedges to share ($18 each). I get us some drinks too ($6 each) — you’ve got to love RSL drink prices! My partner has a few more drinks but I don’t so he pays for them himself. $24
9:15pm — Trivia ends and we all head home. My partner and I take another Uber ($8.92 split 50/50 with my partner). $4.46
9:30pm — My partner and I both get ready for bed. I wash and moisturise my face and brush my teeth and my partner does the same. We spend some time talking in bed before saying goodnight.
Daily Total: $127.11

Day Four

5:00am — Alarm goes off. I stir a bit before getting up and getting dressed into activewear.
5:30am — I head to the living room and switch on the TV and open YouTube. Today I chose one of the Yoga with Adrienne flows.
6:00am — I jump in the car with my partner and we drive to a local cafe. We both get a takeaway coffee and my partner gets a bacon and egg roll ($16.70, split with my partner so $8.35 each). He goes to work and I walk home with my coffee listening to the 7am podcast. Today’s story is about Christmas beetles and their declining numbers. I haven’t seen one in years which is sad because their decline is linked to climate change. They’re beautiful and are magical because you don’t see them generally at any other time of year. It's frightening that in my lifetime species are actually declining and in many instances going extinct. $8.35
7:00am — I log into my work computer straight away for my department town hall meeting. I don’t need to be on camera, so I stay in my activewear and make myself some breakfast. Today it’s oats and almond milk with a banana on top. I open my emails and see the job interview has been booked for 5pm today. I know one person on the interview panel, so I'm not too nervous.
9:00am — The town hall meeting ends and I jump in the shower. As I have the interview later today I dress a bit more corporate, but I'm not as dressed up as I would be for an in-person interview. I want to feel comfortable and confident, so I choose a long-sleeved dress.
9:30am — I dive into my work. I’ve been given a last-minute writing task so buckle down to get it done. Ideally, I like to come back to written work to re-read it with ‘fresh eyes’ but need to get it off to my manager so give it a quick proofread then send it off.
4:00pm — I prep for my job interview. I re-read the job advertisement and my application and I take a look through the companies social media channels. As I work in communications, I also do a Google search to check if they’ve been in the news recently.
5:00pm — I have my job interview via Zoom. I'm comfortably able to answer all of their questions, so I feel like it's gone well. I call the person I know afterwards to debrief and talk about potential next steps. I feel very fortunate to have this kind of support.
6:00pm — It’s not raining, so my partner and I go for a short walk to a nice lookout close by. We grab a beer each on the way ($13.49 each). We sit and enjoy the view and each other's company. It starts to sprinkle so we head home. $13.49
7:00pm — My partner and I are going camping together next week for the first time. Rather than buying everything, we’ve borrowed some gear from friends. We pack the gear and a few other items like bedding and towels.
8:00pm — My partner and I make some halloumi and veggie skewers and some homemade tzatziki for dinner. We have a little Weber on our balcony which we use a few times a week for dinners like this. It’s still wet out, so we eat inside at the dinner table. We almost always eat at the table together which I really like.
9:00pm — We clean up and then pack our clothes for our upcoming trip away. I find it a bit difficult to pack because I need to pack casual stuff for camping and hiking at Warrumbungle National Park, but also some nicer stuff for when we’re in Mudgee and Newcastle.
10:00pm — I do a little bit of research on the job market and check the average pay for roles similar to the one I am interviewing for. I really wish there was more transparency about pay and that all companies would include the salary in the initial job advertisement.
Daily Total: $21.84

Day Five

4:30am — Alarm goes off, I jump up and throw some activewear on. To my horror, there is a huge cockroach in the bedroom. I warn my partner but he’s still asleep and not phased. I leave the two of them and walk myself down to Bronte beach.
5:00am — I meet up with my friend for a morning run. It’s the first time I've run since the race on the weekend, so it takes a while to get moving, but we soon settle into it and manage 11.5km.
6:00am — We get back from our run, and take a dip in the Bronte pool which we’re pleasantly surprised to find is nice and warm today. We get showered and changed.
7:00am — We head to one of my usual coffee spots in Clovelly. It is my birthday on the weekend so a few friends pop in to wish me a happy birthday. I get a cake, a few gifts and my coffee bought for me which is lovely and means I walk away without spending a cent.
8:15am — I shower and get changed for work. I had a piece of cake at the cafe so unsurprisingly I don’t feel like breakfast so I give it a miss for now.
9:00am — I hustle to get some things finalised for a planning session I am running.
4:30pm — Some of my friends and I were meant to be having a picnic down at Bronte beach tonight but it’s raining, so I tell everyone to come to mine. I chop up some fruit and veggies, then make a cheese board and guacamole. While I’m doing this, my partner packs the car for our trip.
5:00pm — People start to arrive. We all graze and have a few drinks which people have bought over. It’s been a while since we’ve all been together so it’s nice to catch up with everyone.
9:00pm — Everyone heads home. My partner and I clean up and do some other last-minute running around ahead of our trip. We water the plants, take the bins out and make sure the house is locked up.
Daily Total: $0

Day Six

5:30am — Alarm goes off and I’m up and straight into the shower.
6:00am — My partner gets up and showered while I do a few last-minute tasks. I grab a few electronics which have been charging and pack a bag of snacks for our road trip to Mudgee.
7:00am — The car's already packed so we're able to get onto the road quickly. We stop up the road for a coffee and grab some avocado on toast to share ($21.40, split 50/50 with my partner). $11.20
7:15am — Because we’ve set off early there’s no traffic and we have a good run all the way from Sydney to Mudgee.
11:00am — We arrive in the Mudgee region. We have a 1pm lunch booking and can't check-in to our Airbnb until after midday. To fill time, we drive to Gulgong, a historic town centre.
11:30am — When we arrive, we see a variety store called Stacks which is apparently a ‘must-see’, so we pop in. My partner and I laugh about the range of knick-knacks they sell. I would usually avoid shops like this, but it’s a perfect place pre-Christmas. I buy a magnet ($4.99), a pool toy ($4.30) and two crossword books ($4.60) to give as small gifts to family and friends. $13.89
12:00pm — We go into an antique store. I always find it fascinating looking around antique stores and op-shops and love the idea of things getting a new lease on life — as they say, “someone’s trash is another one's treasure.” We buy a set of four small and pretty coffee cups ($9 each). because all our mugs are too big for coffee. $9
12:30pm — We get changed in a public bathroom in a park then drive to lunch. I'm fairly low maintenance, but like dressing up for special occasions so I try putting some makeup on in the car. We’re driving on bumpy and windy country roads, so it’s a bit of a lost cause.
1:00pm — After a 30-minute drive, we arrive at Pipeclay Pumphouse. It’s a six-course set menu ($95 each), so the only decision we need to make is what to drink. We decide to get a bottle of local Mudgee Riesling from Gilbert’s winery to share ($80). Everything is delicious, especially the homemade sorbet for dessert. We’re both foodies and happy to spend money dining out — especially for special occasions like birthdays. My partner pays for lunch as a treat for my birthday tomorrow.
3:00pm — We have a little wander around the restaurant garden, then jump back in the car and drive to our Airbnb which my partner booked for my birthday. It’s a shed which has been converted into accommodation on a cattle farm and has everything we need. We unpack the car and get changed.
4:30pm — My partner and I head to a local orchard to go cherry-picking ($12 each). You can eat as much as you want while picking and then you pay for any additional cherries you want to take home. It's an organic farm so there’s a lot of fruit which has been eaten by birds and bugs, but still plenty of good ones for us to pick and eat. Neither of us have ever picked cherries before and are amazed by how many there are. We run around like kids and take photos together. $12
5:30pm — We are the last ones to leave the cherry farm. We’ve got a small number of cherries to buy, but the farmer doesn’t charge us for them as there are so few which is really nice of him.
6:00pm — We stop in at the local pub. My partner gets a beer but I don’t feel like anything. Everyone is lovely but we do feel a little out of place because we’re the only people there who aren’t locals. We sit outside and it's starting to get cold, so we decide to head off.
7:30pm — I’m not hungry, but don’t like skipping meals, so we grab a pizza to share for dinner ($15 each). We sit in a pretty park in town to eat it before heading back to the Airbnb for the night. $15
8:00pm — We get ready for bed, but it's early so we don’t go to sleep just yet. We stay up chatting about the day and sharing some photos on social media.
9:00pm — We say goodnight and go to sleep knowing tomorrow is going to be a big day.
Daily Total: $61.09

Day Seven

6:00am — Alarm goes off. It's my birthday (!!!) so my partner wishes me a happy birthday.
7:00am — We head into town for breakfast. The place we had looked up is closed on Sunday’s, so we find an alternative cafe down the road. I get a mushroom dish ($20) and soy latte ($4.50) and my partner gets a corn fritter stack ($22) and flat white ($4.50). It comes to $51 total, but we split it. $25.50
8:00am — We wander around town for about an hour. After being in lockdown for so long earlier this year, it's nice to explore somewhere new.
9:00am — My partner and I drive to a property nearby that does horse riding. I'm enjoying taking in the scenery as a passenger.
10:00am — We arrive at the property. It’s just a family of three and my partner and I booked in for the trail ride so a nice small group. I used to ride horses growing up but I haven’t done it since I was a kid. It mostly comes back, but I’m definitely a bit rusty. On our trail ride, we spot some kangaroos and wild rabbits. There are fields of wildflowers and butterflies as far as the eye can see which is really special to see.
12:00pm — At the end of the ride we hang about at the stables for a while with the horses. There's also three kittens there. I'm generally more of a dog person but these three steal a piece of my heart. We pay for the horse ride — $150 altogether, but we each use one of our $25 NSW Dine and Discover Vouchers which brings the cost down to $100. We split the cost — $50.
1:00pm — We drive to a local winery called Lowes for lunch and to do some free wine tasting. We get a platter to share ($30 each). We have a wander around the cellar door. They have some emus and donkeys which are great fun to watch. We liked some of the wines so buy a case to send home, plus one bottle to drink tonight ($190 total, so $95 each). My partner has a wine fridge and tends to buy in bulk from wineries like we did today. I’m starting to understand it is more economical (in the long run at least) and a good way to support winemakers who only sell at their cellar doors. Many winemakers don’t sell to bottle shops because they only make small batches and the bottle shops often take a huge cut of their profits. $125
2:30pm — We have about an hours drive to get to our next stop, so we head off.
3:30pm — We arrive at Ganguddy-Dunns Swamp and book a double kayak for two hours ($40 each). There are two routes to do. We head west first, then go back past where we started and head to the east. I’ve never been kayaking inland in a waterway like this, and I'm so mesmerised by the natural beauty. We're one of only a few others on the water which makes it even more special. We spot a variety of native birds along the way too. $40
5:30pm — We stop at a Mexican place for dinner that has pretty good reviews. We get some jalapeño poppers ($15) to share, and I get a quesadilla ($22) and a margarita ($12). My partner gets enchiladas ($24) and a margarita ($12). It comes to $85, so $42.50 each. Unfortunately, it did not live up to the rave reviews. I hate spending money on bad food but the staff were lovely and we were fed so that’s the main thing. $42.50
6:30pm — It’s about a 40-minute drive back to the Airbnb. We pass lots of farms filled with cows, sheep and horses.
7:15pm — I have a much-needed shower and then phone my parents who tried calling me earlier but couldn’t reach me cause I was out of range. I’ve had a lot of messages come during the day too, so read and write back to everyone who has taken the time to wish me a happy birthday.
8:00pm — My partner and I both get ready for bed. I wash and moisturise my face and brush my teeth and my partner does the same.
9:00pm — It has been such a big day, so when we finally head to bed it doesn’t take long for us to both switch off and fall asleep.
Daily Total: $280
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