Is The Bugaboo Dragonfly Stroller A Worthy Investment At $1,299?

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When you're going to have a baby, there is no shortage of well-meaning people lining up to tell you what to expect. They warn you about sleep (there is none?!), they tell you about the crying (it's incessant) and you start to have a vague awareness that your life is going to be overhauled in the most spectacular way. But one thing no one really talks about is this: you’re about to become a packhorse. 
Never in my life did I imagine a reality where I would be required to carry three times my body weight while stuffing half a banana in my mouth (breakfast) and trying to remember if I had packed the nappies, the wipes, the cream, a dummy, a spare dummy, Sophie the Giraffe, and wait, another spare dummy. 
It goes without saying then, that the vessel — aka pram or stroller — you choose is critical. It can be the difference between an easy(ish) outing and a total shitshow. 
My first pram was the Bugaboo Fox 3 and in those first few weeks of motherhood and the year of maternity leave that followed, it became a sixth limb (my son being my fifth, of course). I used it at least twice a day — it was a second crib for my son, and my ticket to wandering the streets, museums, shopping centres and beyond to fill the hours. A good quality pram gave me the confidence to go out when I was worried about figuring out how I would juggle it all. 
So when it came to choosing a stroller — I still use the Fox 3 for long walks around our neighbourhood, but now that my son is older (17 months), heavier and eager to walk (i.e. jump in and out of the stroller at a moment’s notice), I wanted a compact, lightweight option as well — I wasn’t going to muck around. Enter: the Dragonfly, Bugaboo’s everyday pram. The brand sent the product to me for review, and I had high hopes for our new wheels based on my previous experiences with Bugaboo. and after eight weeks of adventures including a trip to Dubbo and a visit to Taronga Zoo, I can confidently say it delivers. Let's unpack it.

The Dragonfly Folds Down In One Step (& In One Piece)

I know, I didn’t believe it either. Unlike other prams and strollers, you don’t have to wrestle a million different components with this one. The Dragonfly simply packs down with a one-step folding mechanism, transforming from a smooth ride to a compact package in seconds. Often juggling a nappy bag, and with my son on my hip as I pack everyone and everything into the car, a stroller that collapses in one piece (using one hand) is a total game changer.  

It’s Actually Lightweight

Not only does the Dragonfly cut a neat, compact silhouette, it’s also super lightweight — 7.9 kilos to be exact — making it effortless to push, even with a 12-kilo toddler in the seat and a full basket below. But even more important (to me, anyway), is that it's light to lift. If you live in an apartment or find yourself constantly loading and unloading the car, weight matters. The Dragonfly also transforms seamlessly into a shoulder bag with a comfortable strap for easy carrying or can be wheeled along like a trolley. Heaven.  

A Chic Aesthetic 

Call me vain, but as someone who has loved fashion for years, aesthetics and design are always factors I consider. I find most of Bugaboo’s products to be chic, but the Dragonfly is especially sleek and at times feels like an accessory or an extension of my personal style. There are multiple colourways to choose from like graphite black and eucalyptus green, but as a lover of neutrals, I went with the desert taupe. The only downside here is that food stains and general wear and tear marks are more obvious. I’m sure it’d all come out with a professional clean, but I’m yet to test it. 

Luxe Naps On The Go 

Of course, my son doesn’t care much for style but he does care for sleep. The Dragonfly prioritises comfort with a fully reclining seat and a pop-up footrest, creating a cosy cocoon for on-the-go naps. I love this feature as it gives me the freedom to be out of the house during nap times, without compromising my son's sleep. Additionally, the extendable sun canopy is UPF 50+ with a pop-out visor, which gives me peace of mind that my son is protected while we’re outside for an extended period. 

Storage, Storage, Storage!

Having the option to offload the nappy bag and anything else in tow is an attractive prospect to any mum or carer on the go. The Dragonfly's generous under-seat basket can hold up to 10kg — a key selling point for me. I can easily pack it with the nappy bag and a decent grocery shop, and still have room for a 22-pack of nappies (IYKYK). There’s also an extra accessory pocket on the back for essentials like your phone and lip balm.

Sustainable Design

Nothing spotlights your environmental footprint like having a baby, but you can rest assured that sustainability is important to Bugaboo. The Dragonfly’s engineered plastic parts are made of 100% bio-based material and the handlebar grips are made of 100% vegan leather. It’s also designed for children up to 4 years old, so you can use it for a few years. It's a sustainable choice that allows you to feel good about your purchase, knowing you're making a smart decision for both your child and the world they'll inherit.

The Verdict: A Worthy Investment 

If you’re in the market for a stroller, I recommend considering the Bugaboo Dragonfly. With a $1,299 price tag, it is definitely on the expensive end of the stroller spectrum, but its unmatched (light)weight, compact design, stylish aesthetic and the comfort it affords your baby is worth every cent.
It's an investment, yes — but one you won't regret.
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