19 Wine Bars In Sydney That Serve A Good Time In A Glass

Image via: @dearsainteeloise/Instagram
Whether it's a catchup after work with the girls, a post-work celebration or a date night, a good wine bar is always at the top of the list when deciding where to go out.
Natural wines — or "nattys" as they're lovingly called — are the new norm on a night out, so it only makes sense to hit up a wine bar that stocks all the classics and more.
Wine bars are abundant in Sydney, favoured for the relaxed energy, fancy nibbles and expert opinions from sommeliers or bartenders who know how to pick a glass that will rock your world (no matter how vague your preferences are).
So, whether you're a rosé fanatic or more of an orange wine connoisseur, these are the top 20 wine bars in Sydney to check out on your next outing.
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