6 TikTok-Approved Concealer Hacks You Never Knew You Needed

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If you're ever looking for a simple way to gauge the general public's interest in something, take to TikTok and search for a hashtag. What you'll be served with is a figure, denoting the exact number of times people have sat through a video on that topic, and when it comes to concealer hacks, it's safe to say that the general public is enthralled. Boasting over 1.9 billion views for the phrase #concealerhack and a further 6.3 billion views for the word #concealer alone, TikTok is a treasure trove for weird and wonderful concealer hacks, ranging from the interestingly innovative to the wildly unique.
There are ideas for how to cover a blemish, and methods for hiding dark circles. There are methods for lifting the appearance of your face and ideas for enhancing cheekbones. But with so much information at our fingertips, it can be difficult to deduce exactly which ideas are helpful, and which might end up being a waste of makeup (and time). With this in mind, we've combed the app for videos that are actually worth your while to bring you a list of #concealerhacks that will actively improve your beauty routine. Keep scrolling for six of the best concealer hacks, courtesy of TikTok.

The best TikTok concealer hack for covering a blemish

While you might be inclined to just dab some concealer right over a spot, straight after you've picked at it, celebrity makeup artist Melissa Murdick warns this isn't the right way to go about it. Instead, she suggests dabbing the product onto your hand before applying it with a brush (to avoid any contamination) and allowing it to set for 10 seconds. If your blemish has turned into a scab, she said to repeat the process once more for ultimate coverage. This particular video of Murdick's has received over 2.5 million likes, so it's safe to say she's doing something right.
@itsmakeupbymelissam Cakey makeup on a zit defeats thre purpose bc it stands out even more! Try this instead 🙌 #makeuphack #concealerhack #zithappens #makeup101 ♬ original sound - Melissa Murdick

The best TikTok concealer hack for creating the appearance of a lifted face

With over 1.3 million followers, Alicia Breuer is certainly a TikTok beauty favourite and her concealer hack method (with over 21 million views) is one of her most popular videos to date. The creator applies concealer above her eyebrow, under her eye, at her nose and beside her lip, all in an upward motion, subsequently blending the product to create a visibly lifted look.

The best TikTok concealer hack for lips

If you're a millennial, the idea of applying concealer to your lips may conjure up images of teenage makeup mishaps, but it seems that Il Makiage is advocating for the return of the trend, albeit in a decidedly more sophisticated way. The video depicts the use of two shades of concealer to create an ombre effect, before adding a gloss to complete the look.

The best TikTok concealer hack for a sculpted appearance

This concealer hack is said to leave your face looking lifted and sculpted, and according to Refinery29 UK Beauty Editor Jacqueline Kilikita who tried it herself, it really did work. This technique uses a lot of product, and is created by tracing concealer down your face from the side of your nose, around your lips and then in an upward motion below your cheekbone. (The concealer should be added after you have already applied your foundation and bronzer.) Once you've blended the product in the concealer should leave your face looking defined, sculpted and lifted, although do be warned, this is a very full coverage look.
@millieleer Trying the viral concealer hack … what do we think? Is it worth it 🤔 #concealerhack #concealer ##makeup ♬ original sound - ❀

The best TikTok concealer hack for a lifted brow

With over 7.9 million followers, Leilani Green is known for her fun and vibrant make-up looks, though the creator is also a fan of trying various innovative hacks. In the video below, she attempts the face-lifting concealer hack which involves placing product across the eyelid, brow and cheeks in an upward position. Green is clearly impressed with the results, which leaves her eye looking lifted, not to mention the video garnered over 430K likes.
@leilanigreen #stitch with @mekaela ☺︎︎ lifting my face with concealer hack😍😍😍 #makeuptrend #concealertutorial #concealerhack ♬ original sound - leilani

The best TikTok concealer hack for using white concealer

This is another TikTok hack that UK Beauty Editor Jacqueline Kilikita has tried. According to the creators on the app, using white concealer instead of the shade of your skin can work to enhance the coverage of dark circles. White concealer can be used before applying your foundation and as evidenced below, results in eyes looking brighter. Kilikita also said that the appearance of her fine lines were reduced when using the white concealer.
@nakitaglowup Struggle to find your matching concealer? Just use a white one and apply your foundation over it! ? #makeuphacks #concealerhack #whiteconcealer ♬ TO THE MOON - JNR CHOI & Sam Tompkins
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