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5 Hot Sauces Worth Sweating Over — According To Spicy Reviews

Calling hot sauce just a "condiment" does a disservice to the deliciously sadistic substance. For those who like it hot, spice is a bonafide sensation. For those who like chemistry, spice is the pain-inducing chemical compound capsaicin that's found in hot peppers. And for those who simply enjoy a lil' extra oomph, it's a plate's saving grace. There is also a sea of hot sauces to choose from, all promising spice so shocking or enticing that you'll ascend to a new plane (or maybe simply eradicate your taste buds). To cut through all the chaos, we did the hard work for you and unearthed the internet's best hot sauces worthy of a spot in your cart, your cabinet, and most importantly, your heart.
Now, about that famous Scoville Scale. Since hot sauces come in all kinds of bottles and flavours — habanero, green chilli, Sichuan, red pepper, the list goes on — the Scoville Scale at least helps us organise them by spice level. For reference, between the 90 and 16,000,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units), your average bottle of Tabasco falls at 2,500 SHU. With all that saucy info squared away, prepare for the sweet, savoury, and of course, spicy top picks, ahead.
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