15 Gua Sha Tools For Super Easy Home-Facial Massages

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It's the common denominator among Instagram flatlays, fancy facials and traditional Chinese medicine: the gua sha tool. The centuries-old practice of "scraping" the skin to relieve tension and boost blood circulation has gone beauty mainstream with Western brands getting in on the game in the name of sculpted cheekbones and healthier complexions. If you've spent many quarantine hours attempting to learn DIY facial techniques — I'm a big fan of Lanshin's tutorials, which help me feel like I actually know what I'm doing — then getting into gua sha may be just the thing.

"Gua sha creates flow and movement under the surface to rid tension blockages and allow the tissue to be nourished, resulting in more radiant skin," FaceGym National Training Manager Madalaina Conti tells Refinery29. "Doing this daily is best, but even a few times per week will yield great results." If you want to deep-dive into the origins of this practice involving spoons, coins, and other objects, be warned: the real-deal photos are far from pretty. Ahead, discover the various stone shapes to try (from jade to rose quartz and amethyst) along with the pro tips to help you along the DIY-face-massage journey.
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