These Are The Cities Young People Really Want To Move To

Photographed by Matilda Hill-Jenkins
Though it's famously a haven for young people, Australia is actually not on the list of places that young people are itching to live in.
According to Nestpick's Gen Z City Index, a report that ranked cities across the world based on values important to Gen Z'ers, Australia didn't make the cut for the top ten best cities for young people. The values used to measure the best included, government digitisation (remember that time we were asked to vote on gay marriage through the mail? Yeah, fair enough), education, privacy & security, LGBTQ+ equality (again, that mail thing...) and access to healthcare, mental health services, environmental action and affordability.
It makes sense that the digital natives and most progressive generation would want to inhabit cities that are known to be socially progressive and technologically driven. And yet, despite being run by the Conservative Party, London still tops the list for all its other advantages.
Check out the rest of the top 10 cities best suited for Gen Z below:

1. London, UK
2. Stockholm, Sweden
3. Los Angeles, USA
4. Toronto, Canada
5. New York, USA
6. Berlin, Germany
7. Munich, Germany
8. San Francisco, USA
9. Amsterdam, Netherlands
10. Vancouver, Canada

Since the pandemic, more and more millennials find themselves eager to leave major cities and opt for places with more nature and affordable housing, as well as less of a 'bustling' atmosphere and infrastructure. However, we're still seeing Gen Z flock to major cities for their more progressive governance. As Nestpick wrote, "Cities were selected based on their reputation as destinations to pursue work and education, as well as those who have shown initiative to act on the demands of previous generations such as Millennials and Generation X."
"The inspiration we draw from the city or place we live in is almost subconscious and an essential part of our choices – there may come a time where we might outgrow somewhere and it is time to find something new in order for us to grow as a person, and we feel the results show just this."
While we can't deny there's plenty to love about Australia, the biggest obstacle for anyone eyeing a move Down Under is obviously the expenses. The average rent in capitals like Sydney and Melbourne is rising every year, currently sitting at around $500 for an apartment, whereas, in places like Berlin — which sits at #6 — is roughly $300. Of course, many Gen Z folks will opt for sharehouse living which dramatically cuts costs, but still, inflation is real.
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