The Best Black Lipstick, According To TikTok

Photo: Raimonda Kulikauskiene/Getty Images.
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There are a few one-ingredient Halloween costumes that will take you from an ordinary Friday WFH to the costume party you were 75% sure you were skipping until 10 minutes before you called your Uber. The single add-on that will offer the coolest transformation? A good black lipstick.
To wit: Tie your hair back, turn your lips jet black, add a chocker if you have one, and all of a sudden you're edgy and slightly scary without trying too hard. What, exactly, are you dressed as? Who the hell knows, but it won't matter because you're festive enough to pass. Then, after Halloween, your inky lipstick will become your rad new party look.
To get you there, we tapped TikTok creators and professional makeup artists for the best black lipsticks. From mattes to nuanced gloss, find five foolproof dark lipsticks for Halloween and possibly beyond, ahead.
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