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‘It’s A Hard Job’: 6 Aspiring Aussie Models On Their Dream Career

I'll be the first confess that I had dreams of being scouted in the local shopping centre as a teenager, or by entering a magazine competition like Miranda Kerr. Growing up, many of us knew of some kid who modelled for the Target catalogue (and who was subsequently propelled to the heights of popularity).
There's something endlessly alluring about the world of models. From the outside, the occupation can be reduced to beautiful people in beautiful clothes doing beautiful things with other beautiful people. We know the reality is far, far from that. Rejection, fatphobia, racism and the cutthroat nature of the industry are just a few reasons why making it big is out of reach for many.
With that in mind, why are some people still pursuing modelling as a career, given all we know? We went backstage at Bella Management's Unsigned Model Search at Melbourne Fashion Week to chat with modelling hopefuls about their ambitions in the industry. Here, we speak to the six Australian finalists and hear about their favourite models and why, in 2022, they want to become a model.
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