Yes, It’s Possible To Squirt From Anal Sex

Photographed by Erika Bowes.
Squirting is a popular porn category, but although it's not as common IRL, squirting can and does happen — including during anal sex.
As you might already know, squirting, also called female ejaculation, is the name for what happens when fluid 'squirts' out of the urethra during sex. This occurs when the Skene’s gland — a gland located inside the anterior wall of the vagina — is stimulated, explains sex and dating coach Myisha Battle. This stimulation makes the Skene's gland fill with fluid, which is then expressed through the urethra.
“Historically, we thought about stimulation of the G-spot contributing to more intense orgasms and the potential for female ejaculation,” Battle explains, but “in the sexological world, we would probably lead more towards calling it the S-spot, because the Skene’s gland is something that, when stimulated, fills with fluid.” Whatever you call it — the G-spot, the S-spot, or the Skene’s gland — you’re going to want to stimulate it through “penetration of some kind, either manually, with a penis or with a toy,” Battle explains. Ideally, she adds, with a "toy that's curved."
Squirting during anal sex is less common than squirting during vaginal sex, but it does happen, Battle explains. First, you should know that you can grow your Skene gland. Yes, you read that right. The more you stimulate it, the more it grows, and the more fluid it can produce and expel. In other words, the more you practise squirting, the more likely you are to squirt.
Second, during anal sex, a penis or dildo can stimulate the G-spot and Skene's gland (aka the A-spot) because the rectum and vagina are so close. In order to squirt during anal sex, at least initially, you'll likely need “some form of stimulation to the Skene’s gland prior to anal penetration, or concurrently with it,” Battle explains. Generally, you’ll need to stimulate the Skene’s gland vaginally either before you begin anal sex, or through some form of double penetration during anal sex, such as using a curved G-spot toy or adding manual stimulation to reach an anal orgasm.
Don't stress if this doesn't work for you immediately — or at all. Squirting can take a lot time and practice, especially if you’re trying to squirt during anal sex, Battle says. “This is something that isn’t done overnight. If it’s something that you want to do, you can build up to it.”
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