How To Squirt: Your Foolproof Guide To Cumming Every Time

Many things have had a sexual renaissance as of late: Eating ass, BDSM, and of course, squirting. Squirting — also described by researchers as female ejaculation, but anyone with a vulva can experience it — has gone from something that sat firmly in taboo territory to becoming a utopian dream for many.
While its logistics are still hotly debated (Is it just pee? Is it ejaculation?), what's clear is that it's been in our sexual routines since at least the fourth century! So it's understandable that so many of us want to give it a try — after all, it is very, very hot.
So we took to Reddit — the unofficial home of niche sex tips — to find out every trick in the book that leads to a good squirting session. From where you should be touching to how you should be touching, there's a bunch of handy rules to abide by if you want to make your next cum a bit more spectacular.
Alone? With a partner? No matter — ahead, you'll get the goods that'll lead to a foolproof squirt.
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