“Like Defying Gravity” — What Does Anal Sex Really Feel Like?

Photographed by Lula Hyers.
If you're curious about anal sex and have never done it before, you probably have two burning questions: Will it feel like I'm pooping? And, is it going to hurt? The answer to both questions is probably yes, but it's totally valid to wonder what exactly you're in for.
Anal penetration is going to feel different for everyone, but we've found our favourite descriptions of anal sex from Reddit and the R29 community to paint a picture of what you can expect. Some people say that bottoming can be a pleasurable, out-of-body experience, and that it gets better every time. For others, it's an indescribable sensation that they wouldn't necessarily try again.
If you're going to try it for the first time, make sure you and your partner have discussed your comfort levels — and get properly warmed up. Then, keep the conversation flowing; talk about what worked and what didn't work, and adjust accordingly. Oh, and don't be afraid to try a different position.
From a "rollercoaster" to "tingling" (okay, and pooping), here are some unfiltered accounts of what anal sex feels like.

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