We Tried Glossier’s Mascara — & Here’s Our Unfiltered Review

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Everyone seems to have an opinion about Glossier. But in its early years, there was always one product everyone was waiting for — including founder Emily Weiss. After an invisible sunscreen, one exfoliating acne treatment, a cluster of liquid eyeshadows, and a very musky perfume, Glossier finally launched mascara.
In March of 2017, Weiss made an appearance on the beauty podcast Fat Mascara, teasing the one makeup product proving to be nearly impossible to get just right — and after 18 months and 248 iterations, the Glossier Lash Slick mascara arrived (and now, finally, it is available to buy in Australia). Described by the brand as an "everyday mascara," Lash Slick existed as the most low-key product Glossier had ever launched. How was that possible? Let's start with the bristles.
Tiered, thin, and hard, this wand is stiff enough to comb through every lash without leaving behind accidental smudging on your lid. But no matter how many times you push this mascara through, the volume stays about the same "everyday" level. Needless to say, it's not the kind of mascara you'd use for the nights you're feeling dramatic. Instead, it's the barely-there, but long-lasting, black formula that will keep your eyelashes extended, albeit relatively subtle, for daily use.
Before Lash Slick.
After Lash Slick.
For many people, regardless of their level of devotion to the brand, the Lash Slick remains a go-to for everyday makeup thanks to its reliability. Perhaps adding to this is the fact that the formula now comes in an extremely wearable brown, along with the classic black.
The biggest bonus, however, is the easy-to-remove formula. It's water-resistant — not waterproof — so this mascara comes off when you want it to, but not when you're buckets of sweat deep in your post-work hot yoga. Still, like other launches that have come before it, Lash Slick isn't entirely unique to the market — Pacifica's Dream Big and Benefit's Roller Lash are two familiar alternatives. But, as most minimalists would agree, in a sea of fluffy brushes and temporary extensions, it's nice to have a simple formula that gets the job done without all the pomp and circumstance.
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