Your October Horoscope Is Here — Get Ready For Growth

Growth is the theme of October. A few planets will end their retrograde cycles, giving us the chance to start fresh, while the lunations push us to evolve. 
Mercury ends the retrograde journey on October 2 after moonwalking since September 9. Transformative Pluto turns direct on October 8 in Capricorn, which began April 29. October 9’s full moon in Aries allows us to honour our emotional needs and put them before others. The following day, Mercury re-enters Libra, taking us back to the end of August.
As for the latter part of the month, Venus Star Point Libra occurs on October 22, beginning an eight-year journey in love and romance. The sun and Venus glide into Scorpio on October 23, followed by Mercury sliding into the same sign on October 29, heightening our intuition, passions, and emotions. Saturn ends its planetary moonwalk, which started June 4 in Aquarius, on October 23, allowing us all to receive karmic paybacks for our actions. October 25’s solar eclipse in Scorpio is a catalyst for rebirth and augmenting our lives for the better. Expansive Jupiter backpedals into Pisces on October 28, transporting us to the first week of May. The month ends with Mars beginning its backwards dance in Gemini on October 30, which lasts until January 16, 2023. Tempers and frustrations will begin to reach a feverish high, as we are unable to gain momentum in projects. Keep it real to avoid arguments on October 31 and spare yourself a spooky end to the month.
Ahead, all the astrological insight your sign needs for an October as easy and breezy as the light spring weather.
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