Instagram Predicts The Biggest Makeup Trend For Autumn

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One of the top makeup trends for autumn — a hit of glitter — has been emerging slowly, for a while. Its most recognisable roots can be traced back to the first season of Euphoria. But according to Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli, a member of Instagram's Creator Marketing team, there's been a significant spike in glitter-makeup content in the past month, and while some examples can be linked to Euphoria, the effect is a lot broader.
"In the past month, there's been a 39% growth increase in clicks on search results for glitter on Instagram," Ozaydinli explains. "People are looking for glitter, shopping for glitter, and spending time watching these creators who are showing how to do glitter looks — posting videos and Reels — and we continue to see that grow over time."
The current demand for glitter makeup can be verified. You probably have your own examples. Through my phone I've seen TikTok creators documenting Euphoria-themed parties, and in real life I've also gone out to casual dinners with friends and the first thing I notice is the wash of chrome-silver reflecting off their ordinarily-bare eyelids.
Celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips says that glitter shadow has been a huge A-list request as of late. "All of my clients want this shimmery, lash-to-brow, wet washes of shimmer," Phillips explains of the aesthetic she's noting. "I love that glitters are coming back because it's a subtle way of adding something to your normal makeup routine — there's something fun about it. I'm not a glittery person, but it really does help to add a little pop to the eye."
It's not just eyeshadow. People are feeling inspired to play with glitter in more non-traditional ways. "We're not just seeing glitter on the lid, but on the cheekbones, brow bones, even going down to the nails," Ozaydinli continues. "We're seeing fantasy aesthetics continue to trend, this fantasy and whimsical feel, and glitter is part of that."
On Instagram specifically, Ozaydinli says that there are a few key brand capitalising on the glitter trend, like Lemonhead LA and The Beauty Bar Cosmetics. Lemonhead is a favourite because their glitter is marketed as mess-free, which offsets one of the major downsides to loose glitter: when it spills everywhere. But Phillips also calls out the Hourglass Scattered Light Eyeshadow, if you want to go more subtle, less chunky. "This gives really-fine sparkles so it gives a wet look, as opposed to glitter, glitter," Phillips explains. If you're looking for a range of colours, a sparkly-eyeshadow palette, Pat McGrath makes one of the best around.
Pick something, because if you're not already influenced, playing with glitter is always fun.
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