The Crystal You Need To Nail Your New Year’s Resolution

Illustrated by Anna Jay.
It’s January. Your ‘New Year, New You’ mood board is complete and you know your daily affirmations off by heart. This year you’re determined to stick to those resolutions, once and for all. Although, if last year is anything to go by (and the year before that, let’s be honest), your track record isn’t exactly promising. Well, fear not, because a growing number of wellness experts believe healing crystals hold the power to cater to every goal on your new year to-do list. Looking to attract more money? Sure, a crystal can’t magically make that happen, but it can magnify the intention and help to keep your focus so that you don’t fall into the rut of abandoned plans.
Katie-Jane Wright, founder of
Crystal Muse, reveals there are two really important aspects about crystals that you need to understand before working with their energy. “Firstly, remember your intuition is the most powerful tool for feeling which stone is best for you. While a guide is an excellent place to start, if, for example, you want to quit smoking and you feel that rose quartz is the stone you need to be around, then that’s the stone for you. It’s about listening to your heart,” she explains. Also, don’t forget to programme your crystal, she warns: “Many people skip this step; they fuss over the cleansing part, which is important but so is asking your crystal what you would like it to do for you.” She recommends holding your stone in order to feel its energy and build a connection with it. “Grasp it to your heart and ask it very clearly, either out loud or in your mind, to help you with your resolution. Hold the intention for as long as you feel you need to."
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