The Compelling Memoirs You Have To Read

If your reading habit has gone way up under lockdown now you've got more time on your hands, we have good news for you.
There's nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a good memoir, since it can have a huge emotional impact on the reader, and has the benefit of being true (unless it's by James Frey, in which case, never mind). Whether it's Maya Angelou, Tina Fey or Barack Obama, everyone has a story to tell, and it's a pleasure to be invited in.
The memoirists we've listed here range from acclaimed poets to former slaves to humorists to rock stars. Their stories are engrossing, heartbreaking, unbelievable at times, and often hilarious. They're honest and raw, inviting you to chew on their own highly personal experiences as you meditate on your own. They're just filled with life.
Ahead we’ve gathered our favourite memoirs and autobiographies.

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