5 Easy Ideas For Decorating Like An Adult

Photo: Courtesy of Laurey Glenn.
Interior designer and decorator Bunny Williams is every trad-at-heart girl's icon ("trad" is short for "traditional," for those not in the know). Williams is acclaimed for her gracious and eclectic eye, bringing an elegant mix of antiques, art, and modern flourishes to the classically elegant homes she designs.

Her latest project, the 2015 Southern Living Idea House at Bundoran Farm in Williams' bucolic hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, is no different. The home is outfitted with a beguiling mix of curios, art, and objets that are sure to make you swoon, not to mention color, pattern — and lots and lots of pillows.

We talked to Bunny about her best advice for we urbanites (Bring plants indoors! Invest in tiny tables!) and got to tour the gorgeous home to boot. Better yet, Blueprint Registry is helping you recreate the look in your own home. Click through for all of the gorgeous details.
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Photo: Courtesy of Laurey Glenn.
What's a basic decorating rule you live by?
"I love bringing the outside in. I'm a big gardener, so I love to have plants sit around on a terrace. You can bring those in and use them in the house. Just because you have pots of plants sitting out on a terrace doesn’t mean that you can't bring them inside and enjoy them in your living room."
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Photo: Courtesy of Laurey Glenn.
What is your advice on creating a room that will stand the test of time as your taste changes?
"When someone is starting out with a new space, one of the things that I've found you use over and over again are beautiful end tables that sit next to the sofa. If you buy tables and wonderful chairs, they will be with you forever. Every room is going to take a 30-inch round table or a beautiful pair of chairs. If you [invest in a] sofa, cover it in a neutral color and you’re not going to get tired of it. You can always change a sofa with pillows. It will be more timeless. I think when you’re starting out, it’s important to spend your money wisely."
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Photo: Courtesy of Laurey Glenn.
What's something unexpected about the way you approached decorating the Southern Living House?
"We have one huge window that looks out over the countryside and I'm not putting curtains at that window. I wanted it just open — I wanted the sun pouring in!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Laurey Glenn.
What is the best way to get started collecting art and decorative objects?
"Art is one of the most personal things in the world. You buy art that appeals to you. It shows what you like and what you know. I think [art] just shows and tells the person who comes into the house who really lives there. If you buy a really wonderful painting it’s going to be with you forever. And those are investments that one should make — things that are a [standard] size that you’ll have forever and will become a part of your collection."
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Photo: Courtesy of Laurey Glenn.
The master bedroom in the Southern Living home is so beautifully dressed. What's your best advice for getting a similar look with pillows?
"I like pillows, but I like bed pillows. I don’t like throw pillows. I like the pillows that you sleep with. So, I tend to use standard pillows. I tend to have two, a stack of standard pillows, and then in front of them I have what’s called a European square — it’s a 26-inch square pillow, so if you want to sit in bed, read, you have something to support your back, but it matches with the sheets. I don’t use a lot of decorative throw pillows on the bed because they just get thrown on the floor and you can't use them."

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