30 Perfect Picks From Home-Design Pros

After being cooped up all winter long, we're suffering from a serious case of cabin fever. We love our apartments, sure, but everything seems gray and dingy — and we're sick of it. The only cure? A heavy dose of spring-decor magic.
But, instead of getting lost in the home-decorating cyber world, we went straight to seven interior-design experts we're obsessing over right now. And, they know their stuff. From big dream buys (a gorgeous white sofa) to colorful quick fixes (fun Turkish towels!), these picks will give your space the instant boost it needs. Suddenly, being stuck inside doesn't seem so bad…
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Photo: Courtesy of Amber Interiors.
Amber Lewis, Amber Interiors

We first fell in love with this gal's swoon-worthy style after seeing her gorgeous bathroom remodel for Cupcakes & Cashmere. Her print picks will make any room feel instantly alive again.
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Furbish Palm Leaf Tray, $75, available at Furbish Studio

"Throw on your coffee table to give it a fresh face-lift and add color and pattern." 
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Hilliard Two-Drawer Chest, $2,589, available at Horchow

"I'm obsessed with bone inlay! It's a total showstopper and a great statement piece that elevates any room instantly."
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Calypso Moroccan Wedding Pouf, $475 , available at Calypso Barth

"A Moroccan wedding blanket is a great neutral piece that add lots of texture and interest."  
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Claire Pillow, $225, available at Amber Interiors.

"Bright and colorful, this vintage textile will cheer up any space in an instant."
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Sarah Side Table, $1,920, available at Clayton Gray Home

"Wicker and rattan feel light and fresh, perfect for spring and bringing a little bit of the outdoors in." 
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Rojo Rug, $945, available at Amber Interiors.

"The perfect combo of pattern and pastels to transition your home to springtime."
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Photo: By Christina Shields.
Leanne Ford, We Are Acre

You need to start following Leanne Ford on instagram right now. Not only does she have cool-girl vibe on lock, her clean and crisp home aesthetic will inspire a major refresh on your space.

Spring Philosophy: "My advice on refreshing your pad for spring is the same for any time of the year! Sometimes your place, like your wardrobe, just needs a little oomph. A little something to get you excited about what you already own. There is power in paint, power in the little stuff, and power in the big pieces — it all has its moment to shine. Though if I could give only a sentence of advice it would be, everything can be painted, and everything can be framed!"
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Pure FSC Dream Sofa, $4,945.50, available at ABC Carpet & Home.

"I've been madly in love with this dream sofa since I sat on it years ago at ABC Carpet — down everything, white everything, comfy everything. AND, it's on sale right now! Could this be the year I finally get myself one? I am taking sofa donations…"
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Golden To Ashes Candle, $100, available at Acre Goods

"FULL DISCLOSURE — This is my candle. My husband and I made it for our creative company, ACRE. It's a limited run of only 100 made with Joya out of Brooklyn, and it makes any house smell and feel like a cabin in the middle of nowhere. (My favorite place to be.)"
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Mark Richards Twin Print, $125, available at The Fin Project

"I LOVE this photo project by a local Venice photographer Timothy Hogan. He has shot amazing surf board fins in minute detail. These would look great in a series on a wall, so graphic."
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Under Canvas Dog Bed, $235, available at Gitli Goods

"Oh, the dreaded dog bed. Well not anymore: This gorgeous vintage-inspired army dog bed actually ADDS to how great your room looks instead of killing the vibe! Now my dog can relax in style (while I work to bring home the Beggin' Strips)." 
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Diego Uchitel Polaroid Prints, $560, available at Milk Made.

"Diego Uchitel is a fashion photographer putting his Polaroids out as prints. These are gorgeous classics that will be gracing my wall soon enough — as soon as I can pick only one…or two…or three…."
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Photo: Courtesy of PELLE.
Jean and Oliver Pelle, PELLE

We heard Jean and Oliver speak at an interiors panel and were instantly impressed with their design and decorating philosophies. And, their cool-kid decor picks certainly don't disappoint either.

Spring Philosophy:
"The winter was long, cold, and very white here in New York. Spring is when color returns and you can be playful again. The cat pillow waits for you when you wake up in the morning. You sit down on the Togo couches and enjoy some great soft-boiled eggs in the Pedestal egg cups. The beautiful flower bouquet next to you perfumes your space. Don't forget to have a glass of water in your Alpha Water Tumbler glasses, color coded so you don't mix it up with your friend's glass. Water in the blue glass, juice in the orange. Yet, no interior is complete with a piece of decoration that asks for a story of why you have it; the Roman Sphinx carved of wood. Live a little again. "
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Assorted Flowers In Recycled Bottle Vase, $90, available at Tin Can Studios.

"This floral studio creates the most eye-catching arrangements you've ever seen. Plus, they come inside recycled and old-timey brass urns, glass bottles, and wood crates."
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Cat Pillow Abe, $70, available at Clic General Store

"This life-sized cat pillow is just too cute to pass up. We would place it on our sofa or most likely, our kids would carry it from room to room."
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Toga Sofa, starts at $670, available at Ligne Roset.

"Originally designed in 1973 by Michel Ducaroy, these classic sofas are just as stylish now as they probably were back then. We always wanted one for ourselves, and perhaps we can purchase the mini versions for our kids one day."
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Tina Frey Pedestal Egg Cup, $20, Tina Frey Designs

"We discovered S.F.-based designer Tina Frey at a recent trade show and picked up one of her white-resin coffee tables. We love the hand-formed texture of her cast-resin tabletop pieces."
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Antiques, prices vary, available at Erie Basin

"Russell Whitmore's very special antique shop in Red Hook, Brooklyn consistently carries some unusual and unique folk-art paintings, sculptures, and objects. His real specialty is antique jewelry, but we are always dropping in to check out the art and furniture."
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Stillfried Wien Alpha Water Tumbler, $81, available at Stillfried

"These glasses have been on our wish list for some time now. They are perfect for parties where color-coded glasses would be very helpful!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Curious Yellow Design.
Chloe Pollack-Robbins, Curious Yellow Design

Color can be tricky. But, Chloe's clever use of pops in just right places have us convinced we can do it ourselves.

Spring Tip: "If you can't afford to update your apartment with new furniture or decor, the best thing is a clean sweep and fresh flowers. Seasonally, I like to use items I already have in my house to freshen up my coffee table tableau."
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 AcciaIio Bar Stool, $1,100, available at Matter Matters

"A pop of color in the kitchen is most unusual on a bar stool."
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Biami Night Pillow, $135-$245, available at Eskayel

"Stunning graphic yet natural fabrics derived from paintings."
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Copper Mobile With Handmade Ginko Leaf, $85, available at Etsy

"I love mobiles, ginkgo leaves, and copper."
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Michele Quan Eye, $240, available at The Future Perfect

"You always need a third eye (perfect for a coffee-table tableau)."
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Jonathan Adler Rio Pendant Lamp, $450, available at Jonathan Adler

"Try a bedside pendant for something different."
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Double Horizon Shower Curtain, $68, available at Society6.

"Society6 is awesome spot for CHEAP decorative and unique items made by designers and artists."
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TWD X Fool's Gold X Shut "Pixote Pyramid" Deck, $70, available at Fools Gold Recs

"I like the idea of using street art/skate decks as art. You can find a PIXOTE tag on almost any street in downtown NYC."
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Photo: Courtesy of Katch I.D.
Pamela and Steph Katch, Katch I.D. Interiors

We want every piece of this duo's amazing furniture line, but unfortunately our budget can't handle a complete home makeover. Fortunately their quirky picks prove that sometimes all you need in one awesome piece.

Spring Tip: "We selected lighthearted pieces enunciated by gold or pops of color to welcome spring inside. While all of our picks look fresh, they have a classic or iconic quality so they will fit in nicely with any interior and stand the test of time."
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Maarten Baas Clay Dining Chair, 2,540, available at L'ArcoBaleno

"A whimsical classic by Maarten Baas, this chair is available in an array of bright colors and lends its charm to any room."
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Committee Curiosity Monkey On Turquoise Rock Sculpture, $340, available at The Future Perfect

"What is better than a monkey admiring a flower?"
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Katch I.D The Waifs Coasters, $180, available at Katch I.D.

"The Waifs were inspired by NECCO Wafer candies, and rendered in spring-flower pinks and cola brown French enamels."
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Girls In The Windows And Other Stories, $75, available at Barneys.

"Girls in pretty spring dresses getting some fresh air."
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Alexandra von Furstenberg Acrylic Candy Bowls, $400, available at Alexandra von Furstenberg.

"Alexandra von Furstenberg's incredible use of Day-Glo will brighten up any antique or complement a modern piece."
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Turkish T Beach Candy Swirl Towels, $45, available at Turkish T

"We love Turkish towels in warm weather."

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