Like? These Hangers Tell You How Popular Garments Are On Facebook

C&A Brasil 3x4
Wouldn’t it be nice to know what the world will think of that dress you’ve been eyeing before you make the splurge, and quite possibly, a major fashion faux pas? Well, now you can, thanks to the latest fashion gadget coming out of Brazil.
The part of the world best known for bikini waxes and supermodel exports is now making tech strides in retail by being the first country to have hangers that digitally display how many "likes" each piece has on Facebook. Meaning, there’s really no need to bring a posse of opinionated girlfriends with you when shopping at South American boutique C&A Brasil.
The hangers, first spotted on Springwise, correspond to specific items listed on the retailer's FB page. And, as folks "like" each item, the hangers in the shop reflect popularity in real time.
Personally, we're not sure that we need the approval of the Facebook world in order to help us make a decision on a garment, but we definitely do appreciate this new tech-y feature.
What about you? Is this a feature you'd love to see in stateside (and Bayside) boutiques, or are these pricey hangers totally unnecessary? Let us know in the comments!
Photo: Via Facebook/C&A Brasil

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