Major Phew Moment: Boo Is Still Alive (& Adorable)!

Boo Not Dead
I guess you can tell you've really made it big when rumors of your death start circulating around the Internet. Although, we never really questioned the huge-ness that is Boo, the World's Cutest Dog, yesterday's rash of Twitter lies proclaiming the adorbs, Bay Area pup had met his end by drowning in a pond, definitely drove the point home. (What kind of messed-up person imagines this?!)
Thankfully, Boo's publicist over at Chronicle Books, April Whitney, just told HuffPo, "I can confirm that our offices have spoken with Boo's owner and she assures us that he is alive and well. The Chronicle Books staff are all big fans, I'd even say friends with Boo. We've even helped out with doggie daycare from time-to-time. [Ed Note: JEALOUSY!] So, we're happy to say that it was just a rumor."
Boo also took to his own Facebook page (3.9 million fans and counting!) to squash the ridiculousness, adding an a-mazing picture of himself in a neon pink zip-up to seal the deal.
"hi friends! i heard the rumors, and i would like all my friends to know that i am happy and kickin'! i asked human if i could do a press conference to reassure everyone on camera, but she reminded me that i can't talk."
Annnndddd now we can go back to swooning over these adorbs Boo photos again...and again.
Photo: Via Facebook/Boo

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