5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 10 2012

Finally! Axe Body Spray is releasing a new scent just for women, meaning now we can all smell like 15-year-old boys. (The Frisky)
Fashion's biggest names are coming out in support of Obama's re-election, but we'd be thrilled if one of them would finally just design him a good pair of jeans. (Telegraph)
Now you can print out your texts and carry the printer around with you, in case you need to do your printing on the fly. (PSFK)
Least you think this "Space Oddity" isn't down to earth, here's a whole slideshow of David Bowie doing normal things (like bowling and eating peas) to prove you wrong. (Flavorwire)
Have 100 pennies lying around, without any real need to spend them? Turn them into an awesome statement necklace instead. (ecouterre)
Photo: Via Flavorwire

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