#FOGO Is The #SOML, As Told By Amy Schumer

Courtesy of Comedy Central.
"FOGO" — the "fear of going out" — is the new "fear of missing out," declared New York Magazine. And, we'd have to agree. Most Friday nights, there's nothing we'd rather be doing than getting hot and heavy with reruns of House Hunters International and a pint (or two) of artisanal ice cream.

And, who better to serve as our FOGO spirit guide than the one and only Amy Schumer? The comedian's winning mix of unhinged skits and politically tinged, unapologetic standup make her show a must-watch. That said, we must not take for granted the supreme couch guidance of Ms. Schumer, whose sofa has a starring role in many a skit. From casual sexting to a rendezvous with God, Schumer, forever with a drink in hand, knows how to stay home like you mean it.

Click through for your ultimate guide to a super fun night in, as told by Amy Schumer GIFs.
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Courtesy of Comedy Central.
1. Ask yourself the hard questions.
It's been a long week and you want to stay in — we get it! Don't shy away from the hard truths. If you need a night in, take it!
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2. Start with white wine.
Now it's time to get cozy on your couch, and you don't need to apologize for it! Break out a box of Franzia and reflect on the week's life choices with elegance to spare.
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3. Be your own best mixologist.
You'll never have to play favorites again when you take bartending into your own hands. Pretty much all Ben & Jerry's flavors go with vodka.
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4. Work the system.
Save your "club ready" looks for Instagram. #IRL, sweatpants are always the answer.
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5. Succumb to Tinder.
Okay, so maybe you're feeling a little bit lonely and/or bored. We've all been there! Whip out your phone and start chatting with a person whose name you won't remember and whose opinion doesn't matter.
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6. When Tinder doesn't work out.
Get creative.
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Courtesy of Comedy Central.
7. End with white wine.
Actually, white wine is pretty much always endless, right? Right?

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