12 People On Their Least Favorite Thing About Their Sign

At some point in our astrological education, we're taught that every sign of the Zodiac has some positive traits and character strengths. Virgos aren't all uptight perfectionists. Geminis aren't always two-faced busy-bodies. It's important to shed those broad and unfair characterizations in order to understand the wide range of people born under each sign.

That said, we shouldn't force ourselves to view our astrological identities through rose-tinted glasses, either. It's totally normal to be proud of your sign and still feel as though some of its traits hold you back. (This Capricorn, for one, certainly wishes she were better at relaxing.)

In order to fully embrace the good and the bad sides of our signs, we asked R29 readers to air their personal astrological grievances. They did not hold back. From the Pisces bemoaning their sensitivity to the Aquarius wishing they weren't so distant, a member of every Zodiac sign opened up about their most frustrating trait.

Read on to discover what our readers had to say, then let us know what you dislike about your own sign in the comments.

Childish behavior.

Name: Kay
Sign: Aries

"Our negative traits skew more toward describing childish behavior, but I would like to posit that having a temper isn't always immature."

A tendency to be stubborn.

Name: N
Sign: Taurus

"We have a tendency to be stubborn. You can miss out on a lot of life this way."

I lose my patience and focus.

Name: Stormy
Sign: Gemini

"I get bored with normal, everyday things. I find them mundane. I lose my patience and focus. While my sense of responsibility tethers me to a decent-paying 9-to-5 job, my heart and soul longs for something more personally creative. I often feel unable to genuinely connect with others."

Our fears make us major wet blankets.

Name: Em
Sign: Cancer

"If we don't get our fears under control, they can hold us back and make us major wet blankets."

We can be self-absorbed.

Name: Jan
Sign: Leo

"We can be self-absorbed at times. I don't like that in other people."

We can come across as emotionless.

Name: MiMi
Sign: Virgo

"We can come across as emotionless and not empathetic towards people."

We can be needy.

Name: Poet
Sign: Libra

"We can be needy and clingy."

I would love someone to trust.

Name: Maria
Sign: Scorpio

"Constantly feeling jealous and not being able to trust people. It gets kind of lonely, and I would love someone to trust. I want to feel like someone has my back as much as I have theirs. I feel like I put more into relationships than the other person does. It is frustrating."

It upsets me when I upset others.

Name: Kelli
Sign: Sagittarius

"The tendency to accidentally hurt others' feelings with my candor is a quality I wish I could gloss over a bit, because it upsets me when I upset others. It upsets me even more when it was just a classic case of putting my foot in my mouth.

Capricorns need to know everything.

Name: Lauren
Sign: Capricorn

"Our inability to be flexible and deal well with change. Capricorns need to know everything and always have a plan. This isn't always realistic and makes unexpected daily interruptions hard to deal with sometimes."

I need my personal space.

Name: Fransje
Sign: Aquarius

"I need my personal space. I wish I was more able to be super social. But I really need the distance too. That is definitely a hurdle in romantic relationships."

Our sensitivity.

Name: Celeste
Sign: Pisces

"Our sensitivity — because it is often taken as a weakness."

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