Behind-The-Scenes Of The Female Sporting Event You Rarely See

With a population of just 1,319 residents, Dawson City, Yukon, certainly seems like an unusual spot for the renaissance of women's wrestling. Nestled in Canada's wild northwestern providence, this sleepy, sparsely-populated town has, nevertheless, become the birthplace of the League of Lady Wrestlers — an intrepid band of female performers reimagining a previously dude-centric sport into feminist art.

Led by Aubyn Ogrady (or, as she's known in the wrestling world, Big Jody Mufferaw), the League uses their mesmerizing collage of puns and stage pummelings to prove that their wild battles are just as kickass as those of their male counterparts. They get a little help from the occasional merkin, of course.

Now, the League heads to Toronto to stage their ultimate showdown, the annual Island Rumble, where they'll wow audiences with their triumphant, ballsy moves. Meet all the League members, and catch the highlights from the Rumble, in the video above.

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