11 Secrets Of "Chill" People With Anxiety

To some, being a "chill" person with anxiety might sound a bit like an oxymoron. But the truth is, being a calm person and experiencing anxiety are not mutually exclusive.

Sometimes, what looks like being "cool, calm, and collected" may actually be a coping technique to mask the anxiety within. If a friend who always seems "chill" confides in you about a struggle with anxiety, validate their feelings and try to understand where they are coming from — chances are it took a lot for them to share.

We wanted to know what people with anxiety had to say about this, so we asked "chill" people with anxiety from The Mighty's mental health community to share one thing they wish others understood about them.

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If you are experiencing anxiety and are in need of crisis support, please call the Crisis Call Center’s 24-hour hotline at 1-775-784-8090.

It’s like cats stuck in a rain storm.

"No matter how calm, cool and collected I look, on the inside it’s like cats stuck in a rain storm. It’s a constant fight to appear 'normal,' and it's exhausting trying to calm the 'inner demons.'"

— Chantal W.

I avoid certain places to protect myself.

"My anxiety is connected to very specific situations, places, people, and bad memories. For example, if I get invited somewhere (like bowling), I may go and have a great time. If I get invited to do the same activity, but it’s in a different location and is in a suburb that I purposely avoid for PTSD reasons, I absolutely will not go and will have a full-blown panic attack if pressure is put on me. On the outside, people wouldn’t understand why I can’t do the same activity on a different day. It’s not always connected to the activity. It depends where it is, who’s invited, how sensitive I’m feeling that day, plus a million other things. I avoid certain places to protect myself from memories I can’t deal with and don’t want to explain to anybody who doesn’t already know."

— Ashleigh C.

In my head, there is constant noise.

"Everyone is so confused when I tell them I have anxiety! Apparently I always seem to 'have it all together.' I wish people understood that, in my head, there is constant noise — like sirens and chaos. Outwardly, I’m not necessarily a bubbling mess of nervous energy, but inside everything is far from calm. I’ve already run through 160 possible 'what ifs.' Also. Don’t change the plan. Not even a tiny bit — unless you give me lots of advanced warning!"

— Abby B.

I’m frozen.

"I’m not 'chill' most of the time. I’m frozen. Frozen with fear, with paranoia, with anxiety. It isn’t that I’m a man of few words, it’s that I’m a brain too many… and too few, all at once."

— Tommie M.

I’m a good actor.

"I’m a good actor. Don’t lecture me on how anxious I really am. Just because I seem okay in a situation does not mean I am. In that respect, if I need to back out of important situations, I’m genuinely anxious. You telling me I don’t 'look too anxious' is not helping this situation at all."

— Alexander W.

My heart is in my throat.

"My face may be calm or portraying the appropriate emotion of the moment/situation, but what you can’t see and can’t hear is that my heart is in my throat, pounding like a jackhammer as if it desperately needs out of my rib cage. I can feel my palms get sweaty or my hands get shaky. My mind begins to run a mile a minute."

— Bekkah A.

I am easily annoyed daily.

"I am not making it up. The littlest tasks drain me. I do not know why I am easily annoyed daily. I can’t just switch it off. No matter how I present myself, I am still having an anxiety attack. Be here for me when I need you. Do not get so upset with me or angry. It only makes me not like myself even more."

— Ashley C.

I’m not very thick-skinned.

"[My] anxiety can cause more anxiety. Anxiety sensitivity. Sure, I’m chill, but I’m easily flustered. I’m not very thick-skinned. I can take a joke and understand humor, but when things are said to me out of malice, spite, or pure hate, I will break down."

— Jordan D.

Anxiety is about control.

"Keeping that chill exterior is part of my issue. Anxiety is about control and freaking out when I can’t control something. That includes the image I portray. I want everyone to believe I’m 'chill,' so I control what people see, even if under it all I’m freaking out and wishing I were somewhere else."

— Susan T.

When I look calm, that is when I am the most anxious.

"Usually, when I look calm, that is when I am the most anxious and on the verge of a panic attack."

— Carolyn A.

I’m analyzing everything around me.

"The reason I’m chill is because I’m analyzing everything around me. My back is to the wall and my eyes are catching everything around me as I analyze the potential threat level. It’s difficult to carry on a conversation when your mind and body are on high alert."

— Jazmyne F.

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