29 Times Astrology Was Eerily Accurate

Mercury retrogrades throw our logistical lives out of whack and cause massive amounts of chaos. You attract members of a certain sign for a reason. Certain planetary placements warn of misfortune while others foretell of good luck. It's one thing to read these things in our weekly horoscope, but it's a whole other thing to see them come to pass in our everyday lives.

No horoscope is completely accurate 100% of the time, but every once in a while a development in our personal lives will be reflected perfectly in our 'scope, or even in our birth chart. Maybe you've been getting tired of your friend's seeming inability to make a decision, only to discover they have a Libra stellium. Or perhaps your ex has started texting you out of nowhere and a Venus retrograde just happens to be on the horizon.

If you've ever felt like your horoscope was so spot-on that your astrologer was spying on you, you're not alone. Ahead, we've rounded up some of the most surprising tales of accurate astrology from Reddit. Be amazed, then share your own story in the comments.

"My first kiss, first major crush, first boyfriend, and first time were all Pisces born within the same week, and I'm a Scorpio. I didn't even realize the Pisces connection until after I was involved with these people, so I think it's too creepy of a coincidence to dismiss."

-Reddit user moonlightbb
"I broke something (electronic) the morning the [Mercury] retrograde started; my partner flipped the kitchen light switch like usual and two bulbs in the chandelier exploded, later his phone died right when he needed to look at something, and later he misplaced it and we had to search for it."

-Reddit user stellatetorija
"My friend was driving me to an appointment. She has five planets in Libra, plus a Libra rising. We were coming up to an intersection. I said to go right, she said no, it was left. We went back and forth for a few seconds and the light turned green...and she went straight! Lol, true story."

-Reddit user ariesbird

(Editor's note: Libras often get painted as being highly indecisive)
"When I first started learning astrology, I looked at my brother's chart right before he was to go on a motorcycle trip with some of his buddies. Transit Mars was in his third house, making hard aspects to Saturn and Pluto. I warned him that he might be in a wreck and unfortunately he was. But, he was wearing his helmet — normally he doesn't like to wear a helmet, and he was going slower than usual at the time, too, so he was injured but not as badly as he could've been, all things considered. I like to think my warning to him was the reason for him wearing his helmet, but of course he'll never give me credit. But, as first correct predictions go, it was a scary one."

-Account has been deleted
"Taurus here. I had quite an intense [lunar] eclipse.

"A few days prior to the eclipse, I ended up meeting a guy through an event that feels important. (Not because of that guy.) I had no idea we had matched on a dating site the day before, didn't recognize him, but he did, didn't say anything and messaged me the day after. The following day we chat a little bit, very pleasant but nothing super special, and the day after that — the day of the eclipse — we ended up chatting for 10 hours straight. Very intense and personal. After this chat I felt overwhelmed with feelings, couldn't even sleep. The following day I try to start a conversation again. Short one sentence answer, that's it. Decided it was a weird eclipse fluke."

-Reddit user nightmar3gasm
"[I have a] water dominant chart and I have a water problem. Some people tend to not shower when they're upset or depressed, I'll shower compulsively if I'm feeling off, it's like a 'reset' for my brain and makes me feel peaceful and grounded. I think one time I had a really bad day and I took five or six showers. (I know this is bad for wasting water, I'm sorry.) I drink a lot of water, too. Both my fire-dom roommates don't drink any water ever and that's just wild to me."

-Reddit user quanshiyin
"I'm a go-go dancer and I interact with patrons pretty heavily to get tips. I'd go as far to say that what I do goes a little beyond usual go-go dancing on a box. Last night I had my sun in the eighth house, and Venus and Mars in Leo in my seventh. I predicted that this would make for good tips. I felt tired early in the night and felt like I wasn't keeping up as well as normal but I made RECORD CASH. Even on a holiday weekend when most people are away on vacation. I danced no better than I have the last year.

"I'm calling this an astrology win."

-Reddit user turkeytalkline
"My last real bf was born the same day as me, just three years earlier. It was weird how much we thought alike. He was one of the few people who I didn't feel like I needed to say anything to be understood."

-Account has been deleted
"Capricorn moon here. I was more shocked by how much more my life started to make sense [after I learned my moon sign]. I'm a Cancer sun, and I've resonated a lot with my sun sign, but when reading my moon sign it was eye-opening in explaining all those deep, dark tendencies I've always had but never really understood or consciously thought too much about. I can range from being sensitive and emotionally all over the place to being so detached I have a hard time feeling anything."

-Reddit user Wppf
"I've come to realize the Venus sign has a much bigger impact on the personality and how we're seen by others than I originally thought.

"I think I started to figure this out with my boyfriend, who has EVERY personal planet in Capricorn except his Venus which is in Pisces. For someone with four personal planets in Cap, he has a very pronounced empathetic and soft side, and is very kind to everyone. This is how most of his friends and family see him. He gets emotionally affected by certain things (mostly humanitarian, or animals) that even I don't get very affected by."

-Reddit user leobullcrab
"The Venus retrograde hit every mark for me so far, honestly. I was seeing someone but toward the middle/end of March, as the first half of the retrograde completed, we wound up breaking things off because we wanted different things. Two days later, I wound up finding an old fling on a dating app and meeting up with him. I was infatuated for a couple weeks and now I'm kind of seeing that he's still the same person he was then, and it probably isn't going to work out for the same reasons it didn't four years ago.

"It's actually floored me how 'stereotypical' this Venus retrograde has been for me."

-Reddit user mercurianmermaid
"As a Capricorn moon I can spot other Cap moons really easily, I have no idea how but I can just 'feel' when someone is a Capricorn moon."

-Reddit user Kylochickolo
"[The] Venus retrograde made me realize that I'm officially over a bad friend breakup from years ago. Saturn retrograde coincided with my vacation from the last few months of intense work."

-Reddit user orionscookie
"I'm a Pisces, and I can almost ALWAYS tell when I'm talking to a Scorpio because of their eyes. There's just something about the connection between and Pisces and a Scorpio that is incredibly intense and unlike anything else. I've freaked a few of them out after just a few minutes of conversation by saying, 'You're a Scorpio, aren't you?'"

-Reddit user mermaid14
"The day that made me think there’s something to this astrology stuff was what I’ve called 'Retrograde Day.' This happened a few years ago and I wish I’d written down the date and what planets were where.

"Anyway, so, I had to go into town for a meeting, which is normally no big deal. I went to the subway station as usual, but the street was blocked off by emergency vehicles and it was chaos. I went to the next station, where the train was still running, and got on my way.

"When I got back into the street, I had to walk for about 15 minuets to get where I was going. It was a nice warm day, no bad weather, no problem. WELL! In that 15 minuets I saw the results of three traffic accidents. One of a car that smashed into a convenience store, and two separate accidents where cars ran over the curb and into city benches! Fortunately, no serious injuries in any of these but, like WTF! Throughout the day I heard people talk about the roads being completely crazy throughout my city, which was so weird because the weather was fine. I learned later that four planets had entered retrograde that morning, including Mars and Mercury."

-Reddit user Bedheady
"I recently looked back at my sign’s previous month summary out of curiosity and found out that a day that was supposed to be pivotal for new beginnings and standing up for myself was the same day that I had decided to walk out of an abusive job."

-Reddit user whostolethesampo
"Lately, I've been having many experiences confirming astrology. I thought it was bogus until I started reading further.

"This week has been confirming though. I ran into an ex-love again late last night, right as Mercury is going into retrograde and the full moon in Gemini (this is someone I met spontaneously in the first place) . Last time I ran into him randomly was on the night of the summer solstice. So weird, but there is definitely something aligning my path with this person who was once a stranger."

-Reddit user cannibalmermaid
"I definitely felt the Venus retrograde! The whole time I was SERIOUSLY considering leaving my bf of three years because I was fed up with the usual bullshit, but when it moved out of retrograde, those feelings almost disappeared!"

-Reddit user hails224
"A couple months ago at an out of state concert, a complete stranger walked up to me and said, 'You're a Pisces, aren't you?' I geeked out a little bit because 1) I am in fact a Pisces and 2) This girl had no idea the extent that I am into this stuff and it's rare that someone approaches me about astrology. But the confidence in the way she asked me was unreal. I've accurately guessed people's signs many times, but usually I just guess in my head so that I don't look stupid if I'm wrong, haha.

"I asked her how she knew and she said she could tell by the way I dressed, danced, carried myself. (I dress pretty eccentric and was on a number of substances — typical Pisces lol). Then she asked me if I'm into girls. We got talking for like an hour and eventually she kissed me, but I ended up losing her at some point. She was a fiery Aries with a Pisces rising. Sigh. The one that got away!"

-Reddit user flowkitty
"Once I read that in many cases Pisces Moon's inherited from mother. I have that moon, and then I went to check up my mother's chart and there it is — she's also Pisces Moon."

-Reddit user mutabore
"I forget what house shows you what sign you'll marry, but my parents, aunts, and uncles and my grandparents have the correct signs."

-Reddit user 0bserv3r
"When I think, 'Haha, Mercury retrograde isn't real,' my car ends up with an issue or more recently got into an accident. I get it during retrograde. Every damn time. Things are always fine outside of Mercury retrograde."

-Reddit user le_vybrosit_account
"Every time I notice someone is a little stubborn or mean, I always check their charts and it explains them head to toe. Most of the time it's just that they're hard-shelled because they fear rejection or being wrong."

-Reddit user space9o
"I have Capricorn sun and moon.

"My entire life, from my childhood, I've been asked why I'm always so serious and why I don't smile more."

-Reddit user busdriverbuddha1
"I almost always cry during Cancer moons, at least in the past several Cancer moons recently. It's to the point where whenever I'm crying very emotionally I know it must be a Cancer moon..and it is."

-Reddit user moonlightbb
"Every Mercury retrograde the machines at work stop working and we have to call a tech. Only in Mercury retrograde and always in the first week of it. There are eight machines and about six of them usually crash. All various reasons, no similarities. It's like clockwork."

-Reddit user orionscookie
"The CRAZIEST stuff to reinforce my beliefs came from a reading I had done. She checked my life's purpose, past life stuff, and a few other things in regards to my chart. Holy shit you guys. In my past life I was a huge worker's rights advocate. Today, I'm in grad school for social welfare and wanting to focus on worker's rights and community well-being. WHAT. However, she told me my purpose in this life was 100% supposed to be creative/artsy endeavors and that I had all the placements to make a good diviner, too. Now, I'm artsy-fartsy in my free time but I'm pretty novice and embarrassed by most of my work and yeah, okay my undergraduate degree was in film, but I never thought it was a real path for me so I switched to my other passion."

-Reddit user LanimalRawrs
"My whole life I always thought astrology was kind of a sham and never identified with my sun sign and always though horoscopes were pretty bogus. As soon as I learned about Saturn, and soon afterwards felt a very real, external FORCE which caused me to scorch everything I had spent my entire 20s building for myself and launched me in to a long period of absolute demolition, I couldn't deny that the planets have a pull on us."

-Reddit user ahbee
"I am the most Leo Leo I have ever met. Fiery loyalty, only child attention expectations like whoa, and I’m loud as fuck. I don’t even really believe in horoscopes, but my personality archetype is perfect for my sign."

-Reddit user kharmatika
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