PSA: This Winter, Take Care To Layer In Moderation

It's winter. Days are dreary, Vitamin D is in short supply, and SAD is a thing that happens. All this means that it might be time to offer some of the special people in your life a reminder: Layers can be abused. A sweater and a scarf is a cute outfit. Add another sweater, a puffer, a blazer, and a coat, though, and we've got a problem.

Hopefully, like the troubled young women in this sketch, you've got someone in your life who would tell you if your layering obsession had gone too far. There's no shame in admitting you have a layering problem. Even celebs aren't immune to the lure of the multi-scarf look. But with the right cozy coat, there is hope you can someday take off your winter wear in under 10 minutes.

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