So Sketch
The Struggle Of Subscription Box Dinners Is Real

A sketch about the struggle of making dinner from a subscription box.

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Signing up for one of those dinner subscription boxes seems like such a good idea when you're buried by grocery bags and notice an ad on the subway. It's not until the first box arrives that you fully comprehend this is not a takeout situation — you're going to have to peel things. You're going to be chopping. You might even have google the word "julienne," and then do that!
This video from R29 Riot's series So Sketch looks on the bright side of discovering your dinner is several hours of prep away. As long as you share the duties with a cooking buddy, you'll have enough free time for that project you've been putting off. Like finally getting your besties together for some light organized crime. (Wait, what?!) Or crossing "organize wig collection" off your to-do list. By the end of the night, you'll have a home-cooked meal, a sense of accomplishment, and maybe a warrant out for your arrest.
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Food Subscription Box Recipe FailReleased on December 19, 2016

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