Here's Everything R29 UK Wore To Work During London's Hottest Day On Record

Boris Johnson became the prime minister of the United Kingdom yesterday, so it seems appropriate that all of Britain braced itself for the hottest day on record immediately after. Welcome to hell, everyone. And if you take a look at the new cabinet he's assembled, you could almost accuse the government of using the boiling hot weather as a distraction to bury bad news. Our friends across the pond now live in a country in which Jacob Rees-Mogg is the leader of the Commons and Michael Gove is looking after a no-deal Brexit strategy. (To any Americans unfamiliar with Rees-Mogg or Gove, let's just say they're...not encouraging new leaders.)

Anyway, here's what some R29 staffers in the UK wore to work to battle the 38 degree (100.4 in Fahrenheit) heat.

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Ellen Miles, Strategy & Client Services Manager

I got this cobalt silk set from a vintage shop in sweltering Tbilisi (who doesn’t love a bit of Soviet summer style?), where it passed the 40 degree heat stress-test with flying colors. Not wanting "hot girl summer" to take on a whole new meaning, I had this floaty matching number in mind as soon as the heatwave warnings rolled in.
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Eni Subair, Editorial Assistant

I bought this cornflower blue dress from Topshop on a recent trip to the US and have been meaning to wear it more often, so today couldn't have been better to take it for a spin. The color is divine, and I always get compliments whenever I slip it on. It's extremely lightweight, airy and not too fussy – exactly what I needed while commuting to work on the Tube (London's subway) this morning.

I added a vintage bucket hat I had lying around to try and bat off the heat a little, paired with some old school jellies that honestly make me feel 10 years old again. Of course, I had to throw in a teeny ode to cow print as it is, without a doubt, my favorite print right now.
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Gillian Orr, Head of Content

This heavyweight tweed skirt from Alexachung is a bit much in the heat, but yesterday I wore a white linen one and spent most of the afternoon flashing people, so I’m grateful for the sturdiness. I chose Gucci loafers over sandals to pair with it because having a pedicure has been on my to-do list for about two months now. Any day...
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Serena Brown, Creative Assistant

If you can't go to work basically naked on the hottest day of the year, when can you? Got a few weird looks on the Tube this morning but this Nasty Gal mesh co-ord is keeping me real cool in this city heatwave.
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Georgia Murray, Junior Fashion Editor

This heat is disgusting. I am not a summer babe, I was made for the short days and frosty nights of winter. I am sweating from parts of my body I did not know could sweat! My sandals are Grenson, which are mega comfy for schlepping round the city (there's no way in hell you'll find me on public transport on a day like today), and the top is ASOS, which is essentially a bit of fabric held together with a tie at the neck, so it is super breezy and makes up for the fatal error that was wearing jeans.
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Natasha Slee, Associate Creative

I call this my "Kate-Middleton-leaving-the-Lindo-Wing" dress. It’s old Zara. Minimal fabric to skin contact, and you can hardly tell that I’m not wearing a bra (tiny boobs help, of course). It came with a belt, but the tent look is much more me. I upgraded my battered Birkenstocks to this three-strap pair, and this Sandqvist bum bag keeps me hands-free for pints later (cheers). Oh, and the sunnies are Ace&Tate.
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Meg O'Donnell, Junior Art Editor

This lil number is from Batoko, a.k.a. the brand that makes all its swimsuits from recycled plastic waste (score). I teamed the suit with my favorite DM sandals and a pair of shorts. I'd tell you where I got the shorts, but I genuinely have no idea where they materialized from. Somehow, I also have no memory of how I came across my bag either. I might be losing my mind in this heat...
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Kirsty Hathaway, Creative Commercial Director

I bloomin' love summer clothes. However, this does not apply to 38 degree heat in London when your commute is a casual (and sweaty) 1 hour and 15 minutes. I can't say I made the smartest decision this morning, as this old Topshop Boutique skirt isn't exactly what you would call breathable, but the color is beautifully bold, and let's face it, our office has air conditioning that I'm beyond grateful for. My Kurt Geiger lobster shoes have been my favorites for over two years now; they never cease to get numerous compliments and they can only come out when I'm over 100% sure it's not going to rain. Sadly I haven't been to Global Citizen Festival, but my friend heads up their PR and gave me this men's tee when I was pregnant to help a girl out, and I still love it.
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Jazmin Kopotsha, Entertainment Editor

Having woken up hazy, hot and hungover I really didn’t want to put clothes on today, so my outfit of choice had to be minimal. Enter the little white ASOS dress. Though it’s not the safest option when a gust of wind comes along (I’m no Marilyn Monroe), the easy breeziness is definitely the appeal here. I should’ve given my shoes some thought, though. I love my Converse, but I wish I’d worn sandals today because the foot sweat I'm experiencing is not cute at all.
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Charlie Elliott, Associate Director - Strategy & Client Services

I'm very much a jeans and T-shirt girl, so I get squeals of delight from friends whenever they see me in a dress — it's only this sort of weather that'll coax it out of my wardrobe. I always think that my half Jamaican side will kick in and love the summer — but I hate the heat, so I need something that has a good swish and doesn't let the whole Northern Line know exactly how sweaty I am. This morning, I went from skinny jeans to a jumpsuit and then gave in and decided on this Warehouse dress because it's the floatiest, most loose-fitting thing I own.
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Jess Commons, Lifestyle Director

This is literally my go-to outfit for any super hot summer day when I have to look 'together'. I like to think it says Scandinavian art teacher, although considering how long I've had the trousers, it more likely says, "I need to buy new clothes because these trousers have a hole in them." At least they're hiding my mosquito-bitten legs which come courtesy of a recent Greek feast. The top is also floaty enough to skim over my much-nurtured-of-late feta cheese baby. Lastly, my Missoma earrings are my new favorite summer win; gold jewelry + a tan = *chef's kiss*.
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Rabeel Ijaz, Editorial Intern

I don't do well in high heat, so finding something to wear can be really difficult. Still, I persevered with this grey racer back vest, leopard print slit skirt from Warehouse, white strappy heels and lots of sunscreen.
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Sohini Gogel, VP Production & Delivery

Hair tied up in a plait. Sandals on my feet. And the lightest clothing I could find this morning when I rolled out of bed to head to the gym.

These are my favorite, lightest, white and blue striped trousers from Tezenis and both these and the top are actually from nightwear sections! Add some jewelry, an iced coffee and I am all ready for the heat.
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Katy Thompsett, Sub Editor

I bought this dress from & Other Stories last summer and it’s about the only weather- and work-appropriate item of clothing left in my wardrobe. Stunningly accessorised, I think you'll agree, with grubby Adidas (avoid! cream! suede!) and a pair of cheap Aldo sunnies to hide my non-work-appropriate hangover.
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Montse Tanús, Designer

I’m really used to these high temperatures since I’m from Spain (we have 40 degrees for days and days, honey), so this is not a big deal for me. I’m a pattern lover – I have a million eBay alerts on fabrics I love — so today I’m wearing a colorful vintage Prada silk wrap skirt with an old black t-shirt. It's altogether a very breathable and comfy outfit, BUT the most important thing I’m wearing is SPF50!
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Alrionne Kudy, Executive Assistant

So your gal's in head to toe waist Urban Outfitters! While most people are thinking about outfits they'd sweat the least in, I'm thinking HOT x vibesss. And you can always find me in Converse.
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Chemmie Squier, Creative

Literally the same as last year, kids, apart from the Arket bag and ASOS sunglasses (my Ray Bans got stolen — I don't want to talk about it). I also took my own advice of wearing my hair up because I learned the hard way last time. If it ain't broke...
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Laurene Mpia, Associate Production Manager

In my ideal world, 38 degrees in the city would mean going to work with no clothes on, only sandals and sunglasses. Probably not appropriate (I know), so instead, I am opting for a lightweight spaghetti strap dress from Zara in order to feel any and every breeze that I can catch today.
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Rose Lander, Marketing & Events Executive

My sandals are Teva and I bought my dress from a flea market in New York; it wasn't until I wore it in a rainstorm and my underwear turned blue that I realized it was made with natural dyes and is absolutely not color fast. Luckily that won't be a problem today, so I've teamed it with Meller sunglasses and a much-needed up-do (38 degrees in London is not the one for long hair).
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Sass Webber, Project Manager

I have nothing to wear on insanely hot days, so I’ve been looking for something super simple like this playsuit for ages. It's from Topshop, not a shop I usually frequent, so I think it was fate that we met. I love the wider straps, which I think makes it slightly more office appropriate, or am I just kidding myself? The sandals were a birthday present from my sis a few weeks ago. She loathes my style, but knows it so well that she always manages to choose something completely perfect.
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Louise Yems, Senior Strategy & Client Services Manager

I bought this dress from the Urban Outfitters sale two years ago and usually it’s resigned to the "clothes I only wear on holiday" category of my wardrobe. But all bets are off on a day like today, and cheesecloth felt like the only way to go.

There’s been a little more admin involved in wearing this dress than I expected. It’s got this kind of criss-cross detail at the back, which is pretty tricky to apply sunscreen under, and when you’re part Victorian ghost like me you need to reapply A LOT!
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