7 Hip Tattoos You’ll Want To Show Off This Summer

Picking the perfect place for a tattoo is just as crucial as finalizing your design. The right placement can be the difference between artwork you'd rather hide and one you'll have no problem showing off.

We're partial to art located on the hip because it can be as bold or as discreet as you want. You can pick something small and dainty that only comes out during bikini season, or you can opt for a dramatic piece that runs down from your hip all the way to your thigh.


Ahead, we rounded up some cool hip tattoo ideas we've been saving on Instagram. If you're planning to book an appointment the moment COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, consider taking these to your tattoo artist.

A traveler at heart will love showing off these vacation-inspired pieces on the fire escape now and a Bali beach trip later.
Butterfly tattoos are having a moment, which is just another reason to get a detailed design like this one inked.
Forget one faint floral and ask your artist to tat a large, elaborate bunch along your hip and thigh.
We promise you'll feel like a badass every time you look in the mirror and see this edgy dragon piece.
Yes, we're currently browsing for a high-cut black bathing suit for the sole purpose of showing off this stem.
If a large decorative piece isn't your thing, opt for fine-line stars that'll make a subtle statement (and take much less time at the tattoo parlor).
Serpents are popular choices for the hip area and represent rebirth if you're looking for artwork that symbolizes a transformation.
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