14 Black-Owned Wellness Brands To Follow, Shop, & Share

Whether it's buying an indie brand's lipstick versus a global conglomerate's or hitting up the local farmer's market instead of a grocery chain, we have the power to make a positive impact with our shopping decisions. And now more than ever, supporting Black-owned businesses should be at the top of our purchase priority lists. To kick off this conversation, we talked with BLK+GRN founder Dr. Kristian Edwards, PhD, to learn more about all the beautiful Black-owned wellness brands we should all be following, shopping, and sharing.

"When I started looking at the [wellness] industry, specifically, the industry leaders, I thought that Black people, in general, were being left behind — and women were really being left behind," BLK+GRN founder Dr. Kristian Edwards, PhD, told Refinery29. "It was really important to me, trying to make sure that Black women always had a space."  Dr. Edwards' journey into wellness began shortly after she received her degree in public health and read a story detailing how many of the products intended for Black women out on the market were actually more toxic and full of potentially dangerous ingredients: "After I read that story, I personally started to be more mindful about what products I was putting on my body," she shared. Fast-forward three years, and Dr. Edwards' online marketplace is one of the most comprehensive spaces for Black female artisans across beauty, wellness, home, and beyond. "During that time, I also read [Maggie Anderson's] book, Our Black Year, and she explained the economic importance of purchasing Black-owned products: What that meant for the community, and from an economic standpoint," she explained of the spark behind creating a platform by and for Black, female-owned businesses. And, we've rounded up 14 of such ahead.


Please note that this list is by no means exhaustive — it's just a jumping-off point! Watch this space for the newest Black-owned wellness brands and join the conversation by sharing your favorites in the comments below.

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Body Complete Rx

This female-owned brand stands out from the crowded, stale landscape of wellness supplements with its transparent ingredients and elevated packaging.
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Refresh and quench your thirst with this all-natural, antioxidant-infused mineral water brand in fun flavors like Orange Mango and Lime Mint.
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Lion X Wellness

Former NFL player Nico Marley (yes, that Marley — he's Bob Marley's grandson) founded a CBD brand that includes everything from gummies and tinctures to topical formulas inspired by Marley's career as a pro athlete.
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Level up your bath game with a CBD-infused bath soak that transforms your tub into a pastel paradise.
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The Honey Pot Company

If you get periods, you can either hit Amazon Prime for mass-brand pads and tampons...or you can vote with your dollars (again and again, because that's how periods work!) by supporting an emerging brand that creates natural, non-toxic feminine care products.
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Turmeric's renaissance as a reigning wellness ingredient is still going strong. So strong, in fact, that Golde's golden latte mixes are currently sold out everywhere. (Major props to Trinity Mouzon Wofford and Issey Kobori.)
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Founder Tonya Lewis Lee's career spans roles as a TV producer, author, and as of late, an outspoken entrepreneur and advocate for women's health. Enter Movita, her range of organic vitamins (also available on Amazon) intended to support a healthy lifestyle.
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New Secrets Tea

This is one secret that's not meant to be kept. The Baltimore-based tea haven is all about creating delicious loose-leaf tea blends to live your best life, and honestly, we can't even pick a favorite.
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B Condoms

Safe sex is always a turn-on. These premium latex condoms (skip if you have an allergy) are triple-tested to ensure that they're not going to break or tear mid-use and are lubricated for extra-smooth action.
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Black Girl In Om

Navigating the topics of mental health and meditation can feel intimidating if you're a beginner — Lauren Ash is here to fix that. In addition to having a need-to-follow podcast and Instagram with guided meditations and breathing exercises, Black Girl In Om is fostering a community of womxn to create an open space of well-being for all.
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Ivy’s Tea Co.

With names like 'Blow,' 'Side Piece,' and the wonderful 'Not Coffee', Ivy's Tea Co. is here to add some much-needed flavor (both literal and figurative) to the tea world. No wonder they've caught the attention of Queen Bey herself.
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Calling all Brooklynites — Healhaus' local, community-driven Clinton Hill studio and cafe has pivoted to offer virtual wellness resources including yoga, meditation, energy healing, and life coaching in the time of COVID.
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Blue Sage Eco Boutique

These crystal-infused aromatherapy candles – which are almost sold out! — are paired with affirmations to keep you centered and manifest intentions. (They also smell divine.)
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Dirt Don't Hurt

Sustainably-sourced bamboo toothbrushes and oral care products? Sign us up.
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