Celebrity-Inspired Hobbies To Take Up In 2020

If you're someone who suffers from Millennial burnout, you may think there's no way you'll ever have the time or energy to take up a new hobby, but hear us out. Perhaps doing an activity solely for its own sake and nothing more is the exact salve you need. Willing to try this stress-relief tactic in 2020? Well, then, why not look to the people who take leisure especially seriously, celebrities.

From run-of-the-mill pastimes like cooking and reading to much more random hobbies like ping pong and collecting typewriters, celebrities know how to take full advantage of their free time. Of course, they also have the money and resources to pursue their non-professional passions with fervor. Still, you don't have to build your own art studio or have spare change to spend on antiques to draw inspirations from these celebs and find a fulfilling and relaxing hobby that will give your life even more meaning this year.



In his May 2019 GQ profile, Seth Rogen shared that making ceramics had become his new favorite hobby. "There’s something that's so therapeutic about it. It's like yoga, if you got a thing at the end. If you were doing yoga and then some object was produced at the end of it," he explained. Since then, Rogen has produced a lot of beautiful objects thanks to his pottery pastime.

According to the GQ piece, the actor belongs to the Hand of Destiny studio in Los Angeles. If you live in that area, you too can book an introductory class there for around $60.


Oprah's love of gardening is well-documented on her Instagram thanks to numerous images of her holding baskets overflowing is kale, cauliflower, tomatoes, eggplants, and more. The media exec has even made #harvestday into kind of a thing on social media. While most of us don't own property fit for sprawling gardens like Winfrey, anyone can take on indoor plant care or even grown their own herbs.

Collecting Typewriters

In a 2017 interview with NPR's David Green, Tom Hanks himself asserted that he had "too many typewriters." Though it might seem like an odd item to collect, Hanks explained his obsession like this: "There is something I find reassuring, comforting, dazzling in that here is a very specific apparatus that is meant to do one thing, and it does it perfectly. And that one thing is to translate the thoughts in your head down to paper. Now that means everything from a shopping list to James Joyce's Ulysses. Short of carving words into stone with a hammer and chisel, not much is more permanent than a paragraph or a sentence or a love letter or a story typed on paper."

Clearly, the actor's love of typewriters isn't just about collecting the machines. He actually uses them for another one of his hobbies, writing. Even if you don't own a typewriter, you can take up that particular hobby — although, Hanks might not approve of your use of Google Docs.


Though Chrissy Teigen has turned cooking into a bona fide career with cookbooks, a Target-exclusive cookware line, and a website dedicated to sharing recipes, the model's love of being in the kitchen started as a hobby. In 2011, Teigen began documenting her culinary experiments on a WordPress blog called "So Delushious !" Perhaps if you venture into the world of amateur food blogging in 2020, you too could end up with a cookbook deal one day.


In her own 2018 book Whiskey In A Teacup, Reese Witherspoon writes that she developed a love for reading at a young age, and her grandmother Dorthea who fostered that love in many ways for her and her brother. "Just as she'd done with my dad and uncle when they were young, she took us on outings to Nashville bookstores such as Davis-Kidd to browse the shelves and pick out a book. When I was really young, my grandmother read stories out loud to me in a very theatrical way," Witherspoon writes. Her passion for reading continued into adulthood, and now, the actress often refers to books as her "friends."

Though many people can relate to a passion for the written word, not everyone takes that passion as far as Reese did by starting her very own extremely popular book club. She'll make taking up reading as your 2020 hobby of choice with her helpful monthly book recommendations


Thanks in large part to his Detroit roots, Dax Shepard has fostered a love of all things motorsports since he was a kid. On his popular podcast Armchair Expert, Shepard often talks about weekends spent cruising around sand dunes and teaching his oldest daughter, who is just 6-years-old, how to ride a miniature motorcycle. Since you likely don't have a garage filled with dune buggies and custom-made cars at your disposal like this Motor City-native, you can visit your local go-karting track as a way to try out this particular hobby.

Ping Pong

Of all the celebrity hobbies on this list, Susan Sarandon's love affair with ping pong somehow feels the most obscure. According to a 2009 Observer article, the actress became interested in the sport after attending a table tennis party hosted by Franck Raharinosy, "fledgling filmmaker and Ping-Pong impresario." While promoting her 2014 film Ping Pong Summer, Sarandon explained on the TODAY Show that she loves ping pong because "it cuts across gender, size, your body type, your age. You can beat your dad, little nerdy kids can beat big guys, girls can win. You get a lot of exercises and it's very good for your mind."

Very soon after discovering her passion for ping pong, Sarandon partnered with Raharinosy, her then-boyfriend Jonathan Bricklin, and other investors to open an international chain of franchised table tennis clubs and bars called SPiN. Thanks to her clubs, we can all experiment with the ping pong pastime by booking a table at one of SPiN's nine locations.


Like most kids growing up in the era of YouTube, Busy Philipps' two daughters are big fans of making slime. Thanks to their obsession, Philipps, who often takes to Instagram stories to share her love of all crafty activities, has also gotten into slime. We're holding onto hope that her daughter Cricket will follow in her mom's social media-savvy footsteps and start her own slime-making Youtube channel, heavily featuring Busy of course. Until that day comes, however, you can try making slime with help from established slime influencers like Talisa Tossel and Karina Garcia.


Though most know her work in Hollywood, when Lucy Liu isn't directing, acting, or producing, she spends her time in her Jersey City art studio. According to her website, she works in all sorts of different media from paint and photography to sculpture and silkscreen. Though she began making mix media collages as a teenager, according to Artsy, Liu started taking her hobby more seriously when she attended the New York Studio School. No need to take any formal classes when you first begin exploring art as a potential pastime this year. Instead, start as Liu did by simply taking photos or picking up a paintbrush.
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