22 Gifts The Nurse In Your Life Will Love

If you know a nurse, chances are you also know how hard they work. Especially over the past year, while they've lively been on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. The work they do is critical, and right now, they're being placed under an immense strain.

So showing our support to nurses and other healthcare workers is essential, especially as the holidays are approaching. Shooting them a thank you text, donating money to organizations that support healthcare workers, buying the nurses in your life food, and sending them cards are all great ways to lift their spirits. But... a gift is always appreciated too.


Click through to check out our picks of gifts the nurses you know will be sure to love.

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Sootheez Slippers

These slippers are ultra-cushioned, designed to pamper tired feet — and whose feet get more tired than nurses, who spend hours standing and walking? They also look kind of ugly-trendy, with a distinctly Yeezy Slide vibe.
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The Well Relax Bundle

These products smell so good, a delicious mix of Buddha wood and lavender, with a dash of vetiver. The scent will instantly help your nurse friend unwind after a long day, and this bundle comes with a "everything mist", a body oil, and an essential oil so they can make everything in their life a touch more soothing.
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Hatch Restore Sunrise Alarm Clock

Nurses work long, difficult shifts — why not make waking up for them easier? With Hatch's sunrise alarm clock, the nurse in your life will wake to a comforting light that mimics the sunrise instead of a loud, blaring alarm. A little bit of pre-shift peace is just what they need.
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Clove Sneaker

The best part about these shoes — which are made specifically for healthcare workers — is that they're incredibly easy to clean. You can pretty much get rid of any kind of debris (even blood) with just a wipe. And they're cute, too.

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Ember Mug² Metallic Collection Mug

You can't go wrong with giving a hi-tech coffee mug like this one from Ember. With it, you can set your precise drinking temperature and maintain it for approximately 1.5 hours — something that's definitely ideal for those who doesn't have the time to drink their cup of joe quick!
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Omega Cold Press 365 Juicer

There's truly nothing like a glass of fresh, cold-pressed juice. This juicer by Omega will make anyone's at-home juice dreams easy to attain — and it's dishwasher friendly, making clean up time a breeze for time-pressed nurses.
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Sony Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

A good pair of headphones can go a long way, especially state-of-the-art ones like these. When they say noise-cancelling, they really mean it — this pair could easily used for a moment of calm for any nurse taking a mid-shift break.
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Otterbox Mobile Charging Kit

This may not be the most sentimental of gifts, but a mobile charging kit could definitely come in handy in the midst of a long shift.
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Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack

Every nurse could use this stylish and functional backpack in their lives. The neoprene is super light and will always look brand new.
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Lord Jones High CBD Formula Bath Salts

A soak in the tub alone may not be enough to release the tension a nurse builds up during a tough shift. That's where these bath salts come in. They're infused with essential oils to melt away even the most stubborn stress.
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SereneLife Shiatsu Foot Massager

What do you give a person who's on their feet for twelve hours a day? A state-of-the-art foot massager, that's what.
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Chemex Pour Over Coffee Maker

Long shifts = a need for caffeine. A good cup of coffee can go a long way, and this pour-over maker can hold six cups worth java.
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YETI Rambler

This to-go tumbler will keep coffee — or tea or water — hot or cold for hours at a time. Bonus: It's cuter and more eco-friendly than single-use coffee cups.
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BrüMate Wine Tumbler

Same theme, different angle: Give a nurse you love something cute to hold their wine in at the end of a long shift. Balance!
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OOFOS OOcloog Clog

These clogs were designed to reduce the stress on your feet and joints. They're also extremely light weight and machine washable, which makes sanitizing them after a shift easy.
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Wildling Facial Gua Sha Collection

Gua sha tools are thought to improve circulation, revitalizing skin. This set will hydrate, soothe, and brighten the complexion. It’s basically like having a mini-spa in your home.
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Headband With Buttons

Face masks can often cause irritation behind the ears, where the elastic bands tend to dig into the skin. These inventive headbands have buttons on either side; wrap the elastic around those to save your ears.
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La Mer Hand Treatment

Nurses are constantly washing their hands, causing them to often become cracked and dry. Treat them with this ultra-luxe hand cream to help restore their natural moisture.
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Garmin Venu Sq Music Edition

Nurses are on their feet all day long — so why not get them something to track that movement? This fitness watch from Garmin can also walk you through preloaded workouts, including cardio, strength, Pilates, yoga, and more.
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Slip Silk Sleep Mask

Long hours and crazy shifts can mean nurses need the ability to nap whenever, wherever. They need an eye mask to block out light; and this silk one adds a bit of luxury to the experience.
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Charmking Compression Socks

Compression socks aren't just made for avid travelers — they're great for nurses, too. They may help reduce pain and swelling in the ankles and legs from too much standing up.
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Saje Positively Poosh Diffuser

Aromatherapy can be incredibly soothing after a long day of work. Having a fresh-smelling home isn't too bad, either.
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