Chipotle Is Adding A New Protein Option To Its Menu

Photo: Courtesy of Chipotle.

Everywhere we look, Impossible and Beyond are eating away at the meat offerings, replacing them with meatless, vegetable-based options. Impossible has taken hold of Qdoba and Burger King, while Beyond is popping up on Whole Foods shelves. For people with veggie-centric diets, it’s the dawning of a new age; an overthrow of the meat-centric regime that has long dominated menus and ravaged natural resources. It is a reckoning they’ve long awaited.


These are trying times for meat-eaters. It’s the Invasion of the Carne Snatchers – they look like burgers, they bleed like burgers, but they are not burgers at all and they’re taking over. The state of Mississippi, quite frankly, has had it with the madness: If it’s not meat, you can’t call it meat.

Chipotle’s latest menu addition casts a vote in favor of meat – real meat! – in this case, a steak option dubbed Carne Asada. It’s strips of steak with some lime, cilantro, and spices. Chipotle Rewards members will be able to get an early taste today and it will be fully available to all customers this Thursday, September 19th.

This is the first meat option Chipotle has added to its menu in over a year (they reintroduced chorizo a year ago) and it joins the chain's chicken and original steak options. As for Chipotle’s stance on out-of-this-world “meats”? Chipotle recently stated that Beyond Meat is too processed to put on its menus and is, potentially, looking into its own version of vegan meat.

So there you have it: Chipotle said no to Impossible and Beyond and yes to steak. Who could have predicted that?

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