Your Horoscope This Week

Prepare to look at the world through new eyes on Sunday, when speedy Mercury trines a retrograde Uranus. Our collective need for change encourages us to work on ourselves and our inner workings as these planets work together. Our need for etiquette increases on Sunday when Venus, the planet of love and beauty, trines a retrograde Saturn. The ringed planet is responsible for rules and regulations, helping to guide our manners and budgets during this transit. Manage your expectations on Monday, when material Venus squares lucky Jupiter. It can be tempting to overindulge when these two planets are at odds. Be careful how you react on Tuesday when speedy Mercury conjuncts Mars. The impulsive energy of this transit tends to inspire us to lean on our instincts. Remember to do a gut check as you engage with others — is it better for you to hold your tongue? It may be time to put your guard up on Wednesday when charming Venus opposes dreamy Neptune. This transit often inspires us to see the best in people — so don’t be fooled by matters of the heart. Instead of shutting down, build up healthy barriers in your relationships. Stick to the rules on Thursday, when thoughtful Mercury trines a retrograde Saturn. Use this transit to bog down on your responsibilities and stay focused. Stay humble and count your blessings on Friday, when Mercury squares bountiful Jupiter. It can be tempting to talk a big game while these two planets are at odds — so remember to hold back. It may be difficult to concentrate when Mercury opposes Neptune on Saturday. If you feel your mind wandering, anchor yourself by keeping your thoughts grounded in reality. Avoid jumping to conclusions while these planets work against each other.

Celia Jacobs.
March 21 to April 19

You’re crafting a new professional image, Aries. Material Venus trines Saturn, your career ruler, on Sunday influencing you to refine your office wardrobe, just in time for fall. It’s time for you to pack up your summery clothes and adopt a more polished appearance. Bring your upbeat energy to the table on Monday when the Sun, your planetary ruler of creativity and joy, conjuncts Mars, your ruling planet. Continue to channel your positive vibes into a sweat-session on Tuesday when your wellness ruler Mercury conjuncts Mars. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, bring the workout to you. Download a workout app that helps you to keep up with your goals, and fits with your schedule. It’s especially essential for you to keep your body healthy on Thursday when Mercury, your planetary ruler of well-being, trines your career planet, Saturn. End your weekend on a high note — you deserve to spoil yourself a little when the Sun trines status planet Saturn on Friday.
April 20 to May 20

Count your wins, Taurus. You’ll want to prepare yourself for potential talks around your earnings when Mercury, your financial ruler, trines your career ruler, Uranus, on Sunday. Nestle into your safe space on Monday when your domestic ruler, the Sun, conjuncts Mars, your personal planet of inner growth. Pay attention to your spending on Tuesday when the Sun, your planetary ruler of home and family, conjuncts money-minded Mercury. Is it time for you to consider opening a new savings stream? Make a positive move towards your future as these heavenly bodies align. You’re blessed with a brilliant glow-up on Friday when your ruling planet Venus trines your romantic ruler Pluto. Single Bulls should use this magnificent energy to connect with their inner strength and let people come to them. If you’re in a relationship, adopt this newfound poise to charm your partner and add a little intellectual stimulation into the mix.
Amber Vittoria.
May 21 to June 20

Take all the time you need to heal, Gemini. Mercury, your ruling planet trines a retrograde Uranus on Sunday, inspiring you to work on developing your inner self. Spend time in meditation, read Tarot cards, or pick up a book to help get your mind off of the material world. Hold off on making significant plans around cash on Thursday when the Moon, your financial ruler, enters her first quarter at 11:10 p.m. EST in excitable Sagittarius. Waxing moons help to encourage enthusiasm around progress — while quarter moons can emphasize feelings of tension. Remember to be patient with yourself and your goals during this transit. Listen with intent and stay organized on Saturday when Mercury, your ruling planet, opposes dreamy Neptune, your career ruler. Be wary of unrealistic expectations of yourself and others while these two planets work against each other.
Ariel Davis.
June 21 to July 22

Indulge in your creature comforts, Cancer. Venus, your domestic ruler, trines your love planet Saturn on Sunday, helping you to enjoy time at home alone with your loved ones. If you’re single, you’ll be happiest taking some much needed you time as these planets complement each other. Your mind switches gears on Monday when your financial ruler, the Sun, conjuncts career planet Mars. Evaluate your needs and budget before you ask for a raise, or decide to take up that side hustle. Make an educated decision on Tuesday when Mercury, your planetary ruler of inner growth conjuncts Mars — only you know if it’s the right move for you. Looking for a little pick-me-up? Treat yourself to a new date-night outfit on Friday when your financial ruler, the Sun trines your love planet Saturn. Catch up with family or entertain at home on Friday when your domestic ruler Venus trines Pluto, your personal planet of fun and games.
Lynnie Z.
July 23 to August 22

A new money-making scheme hits you like a lightning bolt, Leo. You could be inspired to turn your passion into a side hustle on Sunday when Mercury, your financial ruler, trines your love planet Uranus. Feelings of empowerment around your assets arise on Tuesday when Mercury conjuncts action planet Mars. Be wise with your hard-earned cash, and have faith in your intuition when the Sun conjuncts Mercury that same day. You’ll need to put your money where your mouth is on Thursday when Mercury trines Saturn, your health and work ruler. There’s an added need for accountability while these two planets work together, especially when it comes to cash. Learn to balance your need for status against your need for harmony at home on Friday, when career planet Venus trines Pluto, your domestic ruler.
Simone Noronha.
August 23 to September 22

Consider your current balance of ambition and work, Virgo. Are you happy with what you’ve accomplished in your career so far? Think about what you’d like to achieve on Sunday when your status planet, Mercury, trines Uranus, your planetary ruler of well-being. Reflect on the fruits of your labor on Sunday when Venus, your financial ruler, trines your pleasure planet, Saturn. Take a break from your ambitions on Tuesday and celebrate your body when your ruling planet Mercury conjuncts with sensual Mars. The transit of these two planets lends you the sexual spotlight, helping you to command the bedroom. Your confidence brims at the office on Thursday when Mercury trines pleasure-loving Saturn. If you’ve got a little down-time, keep your mood high by cleaning out your workspace and adding a little personality to your nook. Pick up a fresh notebook or organizer to keep yourself motivated.
Sarah Mazzeti.
September 23 to October 22

You can appreciate the Joy of Missing Out, Libra. You’re perfectly content keeping your plans simple and sparse on Sunday while your ruler Venus trines Saturn, your personal planet of home and family. Spend the day collecting your thoughts. It may be difficult for you to get your ideas across on Monday, when ruling Venus squares against Jupiter, your communication planet. Take comfort in knowing that the people who love you don’t need words to understand how you’re feeling. Go for a walk and collect yourself in nature during this rocky transit. If you’re in a relationship, you could be inclined to have a heart to heart with your partner on Tuesday. Mercury, your ruler of inner growth, conjuncts your love planet Mars. Singles, this is a brilliant day to get to know someone on a deeper level. New ideas around money and earnings germinate in your mind on September 6 when Venus trines money-minded Pluto. Investigate your options while these two planets complement each other.
Kelsey Wrotten.
October 23 to November 21

Protect your energy and time fiercely, Scorpio. You’ve got the tools to succeed on Monday, when your career ruler, the Sun, conjuncts wellness-minded Mars. If you’ve been an office wallflower, break out of your comfort zone and make your voice heard. This transit offers you the chance to make an impact on your career. Cool off when you get home, as these high tensions can spill over and create friction. If you’re in a relationship, you may have some surprising conversations around cash on Monday. Venus, your love ruler, squares Jupiter, your personal planet of money. Keep a cool head and tackle your cash concerns — procrastination is the enemy and will only create more conflicts. Smooth out relationship bumps on Friday and take your partner somewhere special, when romantic Venus trines ruling Pluto. Single? Practice self-care and self-love to recharge your emotional batteries.
Kissi Ussuki.
November 22 to December 21

Have you been going a little overboard lately, Sagittarius? It may be time for you to reel in any indulgent behavior on Monday. Venus, your personal planet of health and well-being squares your ruling planet Jupiter. Even if you’ve been keeping a low profile, you could be tempted to spend your hard-earned cash lavishly or ignore your bedtime on a work night. Chatty Mercury squares your ruling planet Jupiter on Friday, creating a false sense of insecurity. Have faith in yourself as these planets oppose each other, at work and in love. Venus, your health and work ruler, trines spiritual Pluto on Friday, helping you to ground yourself. Let your guard down and listen carefully to your loved ones on Saturday when Mercury opposes Neptune, your domestic ruler. There may be a disconnect between your goals and your values — consider how you can bridge the gap.
Loveis Wise.
December 22 to January 19

You’re feeling productive and positive, Capricorn. The week begins on a bright note as Mercury, your health and work ruler, trines financial ruler Uranus on Sunday. Spend time investigating your financial habits and identify any weak points that you can eliminate. Can you switch your morning coffee to a home brew? Are you making your money work for you? A little attention can help you make the most of your money, starting now. Drum up all of the poise you can muster on Wednesday when Venus, your career planet, opposes communication ruler Neptune. It’s easier to misunderstand when these planets work against each other. Wellness-minded Mercury trines ruling Saturn on Thursday, helping you to optimize your daily routines and opt for healthier choices.
Hilda Palafox.
January 20 to February 18

Do you need an escape, Aquarius? Take a little time to yourself on Sunday when Venus, your personal planet of home and family, trines Saturn, your spiritual ruler. Spend time cleaning your space so that you can cleanse your mind while the Sun, your love ruler, moves through organized Virgo. Take steps to learn about your assets on Wednesday, when your home and family ruler Venus opposes your financial planet Neptune. If you find yourself getting frustrated, write everything down and work backwards to your solution. Take it slow, and step by step. The Sun trines spiritual Saturn on Friday, encouraging you to investigate your inner self further. Break out your journal and jot a few notes down to reflect on later — getting space from your thoughts can help you achieve a better understanding of your emotions. Tapping into your creativity at home on Friday could help you at work. Venus, your domestic ruler, trines Pluto, your career planet, bringing new ideas to the table.
Rachel Jo.
February 19 to March 20

You need a change of scenery, Pisces. Mercury, your domestic ruler, trines rebellious Uranus on Sunday, inspiring you to seek out new mindsets and interpretations of your current ideas. Take on a spirit of frugality on Monday when the Sun, your planetary ruler of health and work, conjuncts Mars, your financial ruler. These two heavenly bodies will help to guide your spending habits — judge what expenses increase your quality of life, and which you can do without. Consult the thoughts of your loved ones on your shared wealth on Tuesday, when innovative Mercury conjuncts money-minded Mars. Get comfortable with your emotions on Saturday, when sentimental Mercury opposes Neptune, your ruling planet. Instead of sulking and stewing, express your frustrations through art or written word while these planets clash against each other.
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