Celebrating The Irreverence Of London Street Style

Londoners have a particular irreverence when it comes to putting an outfit together. They're happy to forgo conventional styling in favor something more off-kilter, and they possess a masterful way to fuse high and low, wearing streetwear with tailoring, maybe throwing an Aries long-sleeved T-shirt over a tulle Molly Goddard dress.

But no moment more than London Fashion Week brings together the city's divergent style tribes, from the vibrantly-clothed club kids outside the Fashion East show to the disco dressers giving us high-octane glamour front row at Halpern. There's those dressed for high-tea while walking into Mulberry, and the Palace, Supreme, and Gosha Rubchinskiy fans sporting the latest Burberry collaboration outside Christopher Bailey's last show. It's a mishmash of personal aesthetic that may seem totally contradictory, but when put together, perfectly exhibit the many sides of British style. Click ahead to see what we mean.

Photographed by Joanna Totolici.
Trench coats. Burberry plaid. Not to be cliché, but does it get any more British than this?
Photographed by Joanna Totolici.
We're constantly thinking of new ways to wear our floral dresses. Layering a polo underneath, allowing the collar to pop out ever so slightly, might just be our next move.
Photographed by Joanna Totolici.
Have you ventured into pleated territory yet? Nothing is more eye-catching than clothing with a whole lotta texture.
Photographed by Joanna Totolici.
Sequins for daytime. Sequins for nighttime. Sequins for any time, really.
Photographed by Joanna Totolici.
Consider us on purple patrol for the rest of the year.
Photographed by Joanna Totolici.
Never forget, Muppets are trending.
Photographed by Joanna Totolici.
Did we mention how happy we are practical outerwear is finally in style?
Photographed by Joanna Totolici.
The button-up dress unbuttoned and worn as a jacket? Works every time.
Photographed by Joanna Totolici.
The bigger the earring, the better.
Photographed by Joanna Totolici.
Fold your tote in half and carry it as a pouch. Your shoulder deserves a break.
Photographed by Joanna Totolici.
We're officially on the cardigan train, and there's no looking back.
Red-to-toe styling seems to be the monochromatic outfit choice of the season.
The right coat can totally transform a hoodie.
Sick of your skinny jeans? Swap them out for a pair of leather trousers.
Behold, the power of a belted coat.
A masterclass in this season's utility trend. Khaki 4ever.
Yes, we're still embracing the beret's comeback.
See what we mean?
We're gonna say there's no better accessory than a fresh pink dye job.
How 'bout that hair tuck?
That Simone Rocha skirt. This look is the fashion equivalent of the heart-eyes emoji.
Black tights are so 2017. Dare to be different with a pair of brightly-colored ones.
The more layers, the better. Especially when a dress/trousers combination is involved.
Statement earrings are an easy way to amp up a low-key outfit.
Okay, why have we not thought about a printed turtleneck earlier?
We love the pairing of a tailored suit with a classic pair of Vans. Opposites attract.
Forget the jacket-over-the-shoulders. This season, it's all about letting half of the piece hang to the side.
We'll be matching our earrings to our outerwear from here on out.
White boots work with everything, but they especially work with pastels.
Though our eyes immediately go to this logo'ed out Faustine Steinmetz coat, we're zooming in on the epic necklace layering.
Add some fun to a classic suit with playful accessories, like these skinny blue sunglasses and a navy cap.
Spotted: the It bag of the season. Yes, that one.
It may be getting warmer (kind of!) but we're still as obsessed with puffer coats as we were before winter started.
Two trenches are better than one.
Petition for the bucket hat to return full speed begins now.
In a sea of extra-long jackets, it's refreshing to see a cropped one.
Can't have enough black boots? Time to add some sock boots to your arsenal.
A fresh, colorful take on that whole model off-duty thing.
Black, white, denim, and check. Imagine how many outfit possibilities you can come up with with these simple colors and fabrics.
Say it with us: More volume always.
Print clashing done very, very right.
Making orange and red look so in sync.
How many florals can you wear at once?
The answer: never enough.
Behold: The Louis Vuitton logo in all its glory.
Hands-free bags, always and forever.
Turns out yellow isn't so mellow after all.
Layering trenches? Yes, please.
But wearing just one patent, printed option works too.
Practical footwear and outerwear? Now that's a street style look we can get behind.
All denim, all the time.
How to tote all your essentials around in style.
Classic jeans and a blazer. Works every time.
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