Someone Just Discovered This Kool-Aid Bottle Trick & The Internet Is Shook

This story was originally published on July 24, 2017.

There are a few ways to prove that you’re a true '90s kid. You should be able to quote obscure lines from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies or craft a clever defense for either *NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys as the best boy band. And you should be able to talk in detail about your favorite sugary snacks.

It turns out there’s one detail about a certain sugary snack that even the most bona fide '90s kids might not be able to address because they simply didn’t know it existed. Thanks to a Twitter user named @Pelicans, we just found out about an amazing trick you can do with Kool-Aid Bursts bottles.

A few days ago, @Pelicans shared three photos on Twitter, each of which featured one of those Kool-Aid Bursts bottles we loved drinking from as kids. Accompanying the tweet, the user wrote, "After all my years drinking these, I finally figured out that you can reverse the top and close it again." Is your mind blown?

The three photos of the Kool-Aid Bursts bottle did indeed show how this person took the twist-off top, turned it upside down, and stuck it back into the bottle.

Honestly, we probably wouldn't have ever needed to use this re-sealing method, since there were only a few chugs-worth of Kool-Aid in each of those bottles (and we never had enough self-restraint to save any for later). Still, we can't help but wish we had at least known this was an option back in our Kool-Aid drinking heydays.

@Pelicans realized the importance of the discovery and wanted to make sure the rest of Twitter found out about it. That's why they followed up their first tweet with a second that said, "this better have 500 retweets by the time I get out of the shower." Now the original Tweet has been retweeted 68,694 times, and that number is still climbing.

Before you get too excited, we're not totally positive this trick actually works. While many of the comments were from people saying they were "shook" by this discovery, others put it to the test, and apparently, it's not fool-proof. Still, we will continue to let the 90s kid inside ourselves be amazed at this hack.

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