3 Things We Need To Stop Thinking About Geminis

The serenity of Taurus season ends tomorrow, stargazers. In its place, we'll feel the frenetic energy of Gemini season — and despite popular opinion, that's not a bad thing.

For whatever reason, Geminis tend to get ragged on. Members of this much-derided sign are often described as gossips, manipulators, and other not-so-complimentary names. Of course, if you take more than a cursory glance at a Gemini, you'll see that there is much more than meets the eye. These masters of communication make great friends, and their ceaseless energy can be downright inspiring.


In honor of Gemini season, we're taking down three of the harshest critiques against Gems. (Spoiler: These Twins are anything but "evil.")

They're completely two-faced.

Geminis are joiners. They crave being part of the crowd and have the communication skills to make that happen (how else would they get to know everyone and all their secrets?). If you only know your Gemini friend in one context, it can be jarring to see them in a different setting. Maybe the person you thought to be quirky and passive is suddenly a masterful gossip and commanding leader. Even though Gems are probably the most versatile sign in the Zodiac, that doesn't make them manipulative. They may change things up depending on who's around and what mood they're in — but their duplicitousness is more a symptom of boredom than ill will.

They're nosy.

Like we mentioned earlier, Geminis like to get the dirt on people. That's because, unlike water signs, who mostly concern themselves with emotions, this air sign deals in information, pure and simple. Your Gem friend probably loves playing catch-up with you, even if it's only been a few days since you've seen them, and they definitely have a million questions about whoever you're dating — this is how they remember things and keep track of what's up with you. You're not out of line to feel interrogated while chatting with a Gemini, but they do it out of genuine interest. Seriously, Gems will let you know if you're boring them.

They're just...too much.

There's no getting around the fact that Geminis have a ton of energy (after all, they are an air sign). Whether they're thinking up a clever remark, a harebrained idea, or yet another question, their wheels are always turning. This kind of behavior is understandably overwhelming for some, but it can be inspiring, too. People born under the sign of the Twins are known to cast a refreshing and invigorating spell over their friends. Their relentless need for conversation can spark an enriching discussion or a valuable realization. Believe it or not, Gems can be fonts of offbeat advice once you get them going. So, why not let yourself get swept up in your Gem friend's energy next time?

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