Meet The Inspiring Visionaries (& Big Cats) Behind The Scenes Of Khethiwe & The Leopard

When Pamela Romanowsky, the fresh directorial eye behind Watching You, Watching Me, set out to create her new Shatterbox Anthology film, Khethiwe & The Leopard, her goal was to build an imaginative space that felt like it came from the story's heroine — a 13-year-old girl living in Eshowe, South Africa. Set in a surreal world of long, lacquered classroom desks, winding dirt paths, and one lazy spotted cat swinging its snowy paws from a perch high in the trees, it's easy to read Khethiwe & The Leopard as a whimsical tribute to the power of youthful creativity. But behind the film's enchanting charm, Romanowsky also had a deeper mission — to tell a story that encouraged and empowered young girls across the globe.

Luckily, she teamed up with DOVE® Chocolate, a company dedicated to spotlighting the work of emerging female visionaries and supporting projects that foster women leaders everywhere. Feeling inspired? Don't miss our behind-the-scenes look at Khethiwe & The Leopard to learn more about this remarkable partnership.

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