Khethiwe & The Leopard
The Wild Shatterbox Film For When Your House Cat Just Isn't Enough

The trailer for Shatterbox's new short feature, Khethiwe & The Leopard, which tells the story of a girl fighting her bullies with the magic of a big cat.

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Khethiwe and the Leopard isn't helping us get over our cat obsession. Set against South Africa's verdant landscape, this meditation on the struggles often braved by quirky children brings the power of the imagination to life — here in the form of an enormous, prowling leopard. And in the film's beautifully surreal universe, touched by one quiet girl's precocious storytelling, we can't think of a better symbol for the wildness and creativity of an unbound mind. Is it just us, or do you hear something purring?
Directed by Pamela Romanowsky, the fresh voice behind Watching You, Watching Me, Khethiwe and the Leopard captures the challenges faced by young, ambitious girls who must overcome the social pressures trying to silence them. But Romanowsky isn't alone in her advocacy for more narratives that speak to the diverse experiences of women across the globe. Created in partnership with DOVE® Chocolate, Khethiwe and the Leopard epitomizes the company's dedication to spotlighting and celebrating the work of emerging female visionaries. Catch the trailer above.
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Khethiwe And The Leopard Movie Trailer South AfricaReleased on April 25, 2017

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