12 People On How The Mercury Retrograde Garbage Fire Treated Them

We made it, stargazers. The final Mercury retrograde period of 2017 ends today, and hopefully you've made it out relatively unscathed — or at least with little more than a cracked phone screen.

Mercury retrogrades (three-week periods when the planet of communication appears to be moving backward) are notorious for throwing our social and professional lives into complete chaos. But this most recent backspin, which kicked off on December 3 (the same day as the full moon for the month), felt like it had a little extra oomph.

Of course, the holiday season and current news cycle probably had something to do with our stress levels this month, too. But when an awkward job interview falls on the same day as an even more awkward blind date and your phone decides to die just as you leave the house, it's hard not to wonder if the entire cosmos is working against you. Whether you buy into the idea of planetary retrogrades or not, finding anything to blame sure can be a relief.

So, we invited R29 readers to vent their frustrations about Mercury retrograde — and they happily accepted. Ahead, read their tales of missing out on career opportunities, getting ghosted, and more. Then, share your own Mercury-fueled woes in the comments.

Past Mercury retrograde experiences have been bearable until this one.

Name: Angela
Sign: Libra

"So, starting this Mercury retrograde period, my best friends aren't speaking for three days now; I've been ghosted; there has been a huge mishap in my job that caused me and my manager to argue; and I am currently broke. I am planning to leave my job and [saw] an article coincidentally featured about Mercury in retrograde warning people about snap decisions. So far, past Mercury retrograde experiences have been bearable until this one. I cannot wait until this phase finishes!"


Name: Jasmine
Sign: Leo

"Miscommunication. Who doesn’t hate when they’re not understood or misconstruing what is being said to you? Oh joy."

No more cars for me.

Name: Katie
Sign: Aquarius

"This current retrograde had me soooo emotional when it started. I'm going through some annoying grown-up stuff and just couldn't find my right mind to be able to handle everything that life was throwing at me. Then I realized that Mercury is in retrograde. On top of my job and just trying to have a normal life, I found out that my license is wrongfully revoked, my car is broken, and, to boot, a gust of wind caused my door on my boyfriends's car to basically destroy some demonic woman's car door. I'm doing better dealing with the BS, but I'm exhausted and I'm ready for this retrograde to pass. No more cars for me, either!

I found out about a utility bill I didn't even know existed.

Name: Jen
Sign: Gemini

"Mercury in retrograde really never [fazed] me until this cycle. Minor inconveniences would happen here and there, and sometimes even good things would occur. This cycle, I found out about a utility bill I didn't even know existed that has been racking up since September of 2017, and my loving partner of three years is suddenly more promiscuous than our entire house of roommates. It has been a lot to process. I am Taurus Venus, Gemini Mars, and Pisces moon. I feel like that translates to content and comfortable, can't process or take quick action on anything entirely, and emotionally intense about everything. I am surviving it though and adapting. Mercury in retrograde is all about shedding habits, personal growth, and thinking differently for once. (I hope I never have to do that again!)"

I just wanted to go home.

Name: Joelle
Sign: Taurus

"My travel plans have been the worst. I wanted to be back home by the 20th, but according to meteorologists, winter is deciding to finally show up on that day. I haven't been home in forever, and I don't do blizzard traveling by my lonesome. I just wanted to go home and bake cookies while having a good gossip sesh! Of course, Mercury retrograde has to go out like the bitch she is."

I somehow lost the pants I was supposed to wear.

Name: Hannah
Sign: Aquarius

"I live in New Jersey and had a job interview in Manhattan, so I stayed at my girlfriend’s apartment for the night so I could have a shorter commute in the morning. I somehow lost the pants I was supposed to wear to the interview on the way to her apartment, but didn’t realize until it was time to leave. Then, there was a delay caused by a problem with one of the passenger cars on the Path train, so I got into Manhattan too late to buy a pair of pants at H&M before my interview like I’d planned. I literally had to go to my interview in a blouse, heeled boots and see-through, washed out Forever 21 leggings. I hate you, Mercury."

I just feel insecure and inadequate.

Name: Kristle
Sign: Aries

"I had no idea what on Earth a Mercury retrograde was, but I am literally the only person around me right now who has nothing new or exciting happening to them. That sounds extremely petty and immature, but it really is weird. I just feel insecure and inadequate in general compared to everyone else. It probably also has nothing to do with the Mercury retrograde, but its nice to vent."

My commutes have been horrible.

Name: Gina
Sign: Gemini

"Boys I don't want to talk to started texting me, my commutes have been horrible, and some of my coworkers were fired."

Travel plans changed at the last minute.

Name: A.S.
Sign: Aries

"Travel plans changed at the last minute. Had to forgo tickets and then buy new ones at higher price. It all happened because of an email that was left unopened, unchecked."

The guy who broke my heart months ago randomly reached out to me.

Name: Lili
Sign: Taurus

"Oh, Mercury is in retrograde, alright — the guy who broke my heart months ago randomly reached out to me on a Saturday morning just to say 'Hello.' He's a sweetheart, so I know his intentions are good, but it still made my heart sink and stirred a whirlwind of emotions. A few days later, I finally heard back about a job that would've been the perfect first job for me. It seemed promising, but I was once again not the first choice. The hunt continues. December 23 can't come soon enough."

The continual loss of HQ!

Name: Emma P.
Sign: Aries

"Oh my god, this has been a retrograde for the books: co-workers fired! Followed home by strange men! The continual loss of HQ!"

My ancient iPhone 5s totally crapped out.

Name: Meara
Sign: Virgo

"The retrograde we are in right now has been the most technologically frustrating. My ancient iPhone 5s totally crapped out on me last week, and now my electric toothbrush I've only had for a year refuses to hold a charge! What gives, universe?"

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