T.J.Miller Shares Joint Statement With Wife, Katie, In Response To Accusations Of Sexual Assault

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T.J. Miller and his wife Kate Miller have released a statement on their social media accounts following allegations of sexual misconduct reported in The Daily Beast. An anonymous woman, referred to as "Sarah," told the outlet that she began a relationship with Miller at George Washington University in 2001 after they met in the same GW comedy group, ReceSs. A few months into their relationship, she claims Miller punched her in the mouth during sex. During another instance, she says Miller choked her during sex without her consent, anally penetrated her without consent, and penetrated her with a beer bottle without her consent.

Miller denies the accusations, releasing a joint statement with Kate.

"We met this woman over a decade ago while studying together in college, she attempted to break us up back then by plotting for over a year before making contradictory claims and accusations," the statement reads. "She attempted to discredit both of our voices and use us against one another by trying to portray Kate to be a continuous abuse victim of T.J. (further efforts to hurt the two of us)."

In her account to The Daily Beast, Sarah says she was kicked out of ReceSs following the initial alleged incident. In Miller's statement, he says she was asked to leave due to "worrisome and disturbing behavior."

After moving to L.A., Sarah says her history with Miller prompted her to leave the comedy scene completely.

"I had to see him at my improv school [in L.A.], which I, shortly after, stopped going to, and see him at stand-up shows, and I stopped doing stand-up [eventually in L.A.]," Sarah told the outlet. "It doesn’t help that when I was living in L.A. I had to keep seeing his name on billboards, and on bus stops, and it just didn’t… stop."

The Millers' statement said they are confident that accounts from the time "will shed light and clarity on the true nature of not only this person’s character, but also on the real facts of the matter. We stand together in stating this is nothing more than an unfortunate resurgence of her lies designed to wreak havoc on two happily married people in the public eye."

Specifically, the couple believes the accuser is taking "advantage" of the current climate of women coming forward about sexual misconduct.

"We feel we all have an obligation now more than ever to prevent people from using reporters to spin lies into headlines, and focus instead on what is real," the statement continues. "We both champion and continue to stand up for people everywhere who have truly suffered injustice seeking to have justice brought into their lives."

Refinery29 has reached out to T.J. and Kate Miller for comment. You can read the full accusations against Miller here.

If you have experienced sexual violence and are in need of crisis support, please call the RAINN Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

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