These Were The Most Popular Workouts In 2017

From cardio to hot yoga, if you've ever thought that there were just too many fitness trends to keep up with, you're not alone. This year, plenty of us were searching Google for workout trends that we either wanted to try, or were just plain curious about.

According to data that Google has shared with Refinery29, people were searching for some pretty particular exercises throughout 2017.

Ahead, take a look at the 10 most searched-for workouts of the year. Who knows, maybe you'll find some inspiration to try out something new.

Oblique Workout

Though there are hundreds of targeted ab workouts out there, we don't often think of working the muscles along the sides of the waist.

Having strong oblique muscles, however, can help you keep your posture straight, help with back pain, and reduce the chances of muscle strain when you're picking up heavy objects.
17.2 Workout

The 17.2 workout is actually a term for a new CrossFit exercise that includes as many rounds and reps as possible of:

1. 50-ft. weighted walking lunge

2. 16 toes-to-bars

3. 8 power cleans

Then, 2 rounds of:

1. 50-ft. weighted walking lunge

2. 16 bar muscle-ups

3. 8 power cleans

Every two rounds, you alternate between toes-to-bars and bar muscle-ups.
Inner Thigh Workouts

Pretty self-explanatory, but if you want strong legs, working out your inner thighs is essential.
Piyo Workouts

Inspired by pilates and yoga, piyo workouts are meant to strengthen and stretch your muscles. Plus, they're low-impact enough for you to do at home in your living room.
HIIT Workout Routine

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, involves alternating between short bursts of (you guessed it) intense activity, and short periods of lower intensity exercises.
Burpees Exercise

These days, burpees have been incorporated into plenty of fitness classes. If you've taken, say, even a boxing class, you may have had to do burpees as a warm-up.

Essentially, it's a workout move in which you begin in a standing position, moving into a squat position, with your hands on the ground. Then, you kick your feet into plank position with your arms extended, and from there, return to squat position, then to standing.
TRX Workout

TRX, or total body resistance exercises, involve a suspension trainer, meant to help build muscle endurance and provide a workout for your whole body. You're using the suspension trainer the whole time, but there are a lot of creative TRX workouts you can do.
Tabata Workouts

Tabata is actually form of HIIT, one in which you workout hard for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and then repeat the on-off pattern for eight rounds.
Bungee Workout

You might have seen this one in a viral video or two this year. Bungee workouts are exactly what they sound like, except you're not actually bungee-jumping out of a plane.

Instead, you're harnessed in with a strap, and then jump off into the air horizontally as if you're breaking into a run, and then the bungee cord around your waist brings you back down to the ground. The exercise lends itself to dance-like sequences, and it's a pretty intense cardio workout.
Murph Crossfit Workout

The Murph is a workout of the day amongst the CrossFit-friendly, and it is not one for the faint hearted.

It includes: A one-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and another one-mile run.

At least there's no time limit?
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