4 Ways To Celebrate This Month’s Mysterious Full Moon

This Saturday, November 4, will see the moon reach peak fullness at 1:23 a.m. EST. Known as the Full Frost Moon, the Beaver Moon, and, in the most spiritual sense, the Mourning Moon, this lunar phase invites us to dig deep.

Last month's full moon, which goes by the Blood Moon or Hunter Moon, got us started down this reflective path with its ties to death and nature's "winding down" that accompanies fall and winter. Now, we're called upon to consider how those topics affect us personally.

Think of the full moon as a spotlight — in November, it's pointing right at you. The emphasis on the personal and the internal can be a lot of pressure, but, as the holidays and the end of the year approach, your psyche could probably use a little love and attention. Use this lunar phase to restore your emotions, clear away reminders of the past, and express something you've unnecessarily bottled up. The dark nights to come needn't bring you down.

Ahead, we've rounded up four ways to observe and celebrate the Mourning Moon.

Consider how you "mourn."

When something goes wrong or you suffer a loss, do you give your reaction its due? All too often, we feel compelled to rush through — or completely ignore — feelings of sadness, as if those emotions are embarrassing or, heaven forbid, just going to inhibit our progress. There's nothing wrong with pausing for a moment to acknowledge your feelings. Doing so may help you cope better with the next turn of events. Full moons are known to bring emotions to a head, and this one is no different. Just for one night, allow yourself to sit with the spectrum of your emotions. Never underestimate the power of a good cry.
Brave the cold.

Okay, with temperatures hitting record highs, "cold" is a relative term. Nevertheless, the November air always feels a little different. Maybe it's the shorter days, the falling leaves, or the fact that we're in the midst of Scorpio season — this month is imbued with darkness. You don't have to love daylight saving time, but going outside, especially around dusk, will help you weather those long nights that lie ahead. Plus, catching the full moon in all its glory can be inspiring in and of itself.

It's always a good idea to kick off a new lunation (aka, a month-long lunar cycle) with some form of cleansing ritual. This month, focus your efforts on anything you've been holding onto simply for nostalgia's sake — and yes, these items tend to be the hardest to give away. Don't feel obligated to turn off all sense of sentimentality in the name of cleaning out your closet. But, after some reflection, you'll probably realize that you don't need every stuffed animal or candle you got from an ex. As we said before, give your feelings room to breathe, then decide whether your 2011 diary belongs in the "keep" or "toss" pile.
Send a message.

Full moons bring personal truths to light — even those we keep closest to the vest. Lean into this illuminating energy and share how you really feel with a loved one or friend. Whether you're 'fessing up to a fault or asking for an honest answer, these conversations are bound to break new ground under the Mourning Moon. And, don't overlook those who have already passed on. You can truly honor the Mourning Moon by writing a letter to someone you've lost, especially if you left something unsaid before they died.

Even as the longest nights approach, this full moon encourages us to bring our thoughts, feelings, and past out of the darkness — before we bid them farewell.
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