A Guide To All The Old Taylors In Taylor Swift's New Music Video

Taylor Swift's new music video for her long-awaited single "Look What You Made Me Do" was a whirlwind. The video, which the singer dropped at the 2017 VMAs, was filled with little nods and hints to all the drama that's gone down these past few years, as well as full-blown callouts to the events via a slew of music video characters Swift resurrected and assembled on screen.

We first spotted all of these ghosts of Taylor's past in a large pile at the feet of the singer's newest persona. The references go as far back as 2009, when you could argue all this began after Kanye interrupted her acceptance speech for Best Female Video at this very award show. But she doesn't discriminate when it comes to these moments. The throwbacks include music video characters and specific performance looks that mark important moments in Swift's life, and, to be honest, ours as well.

While the video presented us with plenty of new looks, you may have forgotten some of the previously iconic iterations of the pop star's various phases of fame. That's understandable, since this new era proves that Taylor Swift is leaving a lot behind. Ahead is a guide to the most notable characters Swift brought back for "Look What You Made Me Do," and where you've seen them before.

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First up, this perpetually surprised blonde in a t-shirt decorated with marker.
That's "You Belong With Me" Taylor, the video that ended up winning the award that kicked all this drama off.
Next, this Black Swan-esque creature who keeps falling down.
That's just one of many Taylors in her video for "Shake It Off."
Here we have two iconic Taylors from two totally different era's. Let's start on the left.
That's a look from Taylor's performance of "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" at the European Music Awards in 2012.
On the right is in even earlier era...
That's Taylor Swift's go-to look from her Fearless tour in 2010.
And then there's this Taylor, the one who said out loud the now-infamous words, "I'd like to be excluded from this narrative."
Of course this is what she was wearing the evening Kanye interrupted her at the 2009 VMAs.
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