What It's Like To Be Born With Albinism

Diandra Forrest did not want to be a token albino model — she just wanted to model.

Forrest grew up in the Bronx, NY, as one of two albino children in her African American family. She was teased mercilessly as a child for her unconventional looks, but that's precisely what's landed her as a fixture in fashion shows and advertising campaigns.

Now signed to Elite Models NY, Forrest acts as a spokesperson for albino Black people the world over. She partners with the non-profit Assisting Children in Need to raise awareness of violence against albinos in East Africa, where some witch doctors murder albinos and sell their limbs as good luck charms.

In the above video, Forrest describes how she learned to embrace her albinism and run full steam ahead into her modeling career.

And if you're wondering– yes, she is in fact very pregnant in this video.


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