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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
The new moon in Gemini approaches this Wednesday, giving us an opportunity to end one cycle and begin another. Gemini, an air sign, is naturally curious, yet detached. Under this sign's influence, we learn to communicate, observe, and ask questions about our environment. By being inquisitive and engaging with others, we open ourselves up to the rest of the world. But we'll have to be mindful about how we interact with people this week. The trouble with Gemini is that it can lead us to focus so much on controversy and cleverness that we overlook how our style of communication might harm others.
With Mercury moving into Cancer ahead of the new moon, our thinking and communications slow down to become more heart centered. You may want to think twice about what you want tell someone before saying it out loud. This isn’t the week to be extra clever just because you can. Mercury and Saturn will be demanding thoughtful, considerate, and responsible communication — vulnerability earns you more respect than one-upping the person next to you. Adding to our sensitive stew this week is Venus, who will move out of nurturing Cancer and into regal Leo. While in this fiery sign, she doesn’t appreciate getting teased or being the butt of anyone’s jokes, so mind your manners. This week Venus will also meet up with Uranus, where she’s more likely to suddenly begin or end partnerships with others if her values are insulted. Things are changing. Either get on board or get left behind!
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
May 21 to June 20

I guess it's a new moon and a new you, Gemini. A new moon in your sign is like the official start of your personal year, so conjure up the version of yourself that you’d like to grow into over the next 365 days. There have been many misbehaving Geminis in the public eye lately — maybe you can learn from their mistakes.

First, know that you can aspire to any ideal you like without lying about who you are. Second, don't let what's currently popular determine the choices you make — reconnect with your values and let them guide your actions. And third, trust your imagination and intuition, Gem. They're just as valuable as your quick wit. Keep those three reminders top of mind and the rest should be gravy, Gem.
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June 21 to July 22

You get to retreat into your shell during this Wednesday's new moon, Cancer — what a relief. These past few weeks have been emotionally draining and ridiculously busy, so don't feel bad if your wires feel fried. Give yourself time to recharge and reflect your year so far. With your birthday season approaching, now is a good time to let go of any emotional baggage you may be tempted to drag with you into your new year. You tend to cling to the past, nostalgic Crab that you are, so you might need to push yourself to leave old things behind.

You're allowed to create a new story for yourself — one that's not filled with needless fears around repeating your mistakes. Use this quiet time to imagine yourself having learned from the past and using your hard-earned wisdom to get what you want. You've grown so much, Cancer. Give yourself the love and credit you deserve.
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July 23 to August 22

Venus moves into your sign this week, Leo, and I don't think anyone is ready for your fabulous glory. Big hair, don't care — yes. Shining like the sun, all eyes on me — yes. You probably woke up like this, too. Since you're going to be out here glowing anyway, you might as well see who's on the same page as you. The new moon will be activating your friends and wishes sector, encouraging you to let go of bonds that have come to their natural end while staying open to joining new groups.

Keep cultivating new hopes and dreams for the future, Leo. Remember that you're in the midst of some serious rebranding and that includes who you associate with, so make sure that whoever joins your circle is just as radiant and powerful as you are.
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August 23 to September 22

Bask in your success, Virgo. No, really. Give yourself a round of applause for all that you've accomplished up until now. You've been putting yourself out there and you deserve to take it all in. Fantastic, now what do you want to achieve next? This Wednesday's new moon is all about planting seeds for your career and reputation, so dream and scheme even bigger than before.

If you find yourself drawing blanks, lean on your friends who share your vision. Or, think about your favorite organization and the services that they provide to see if you can take it to the next level. (Everyone knows you're the master of editing and refining.) If neither of those options ring your bells, you'll just have to do it the old fashioned way, Virgo: Daydream until inspiration hits you out of the blue. Take your time. Whatever you decide to do will be brilliant and we can't wait to see what you come up with.
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September 23 to October 22

You need a change of scenery, Libra, preferably on a long flight to somewhere new. But if that's not in the budget, make time to binge-watch travel documentaries instead. The idea is to open yourself up to new perspectives and break away from your daily schedule for a bit.

You're craving some inspiration, so take yourself out to be where the people are and learn something new. A strange thing happens when we dare ourselves to pursue new experiences: Suddenly the answers that we were searching for become easily available to us. Go seek your wisdom, Libra, and when you find it, be kind enough to share what you discover with us.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
October 23 to November 21

During this Wednesday's new moon, focus on moving with power, Scorpio. Look closely at your life and assess what needs to be adjusted to make the most of your time and energy. This is actually your natural domain — you're great at detecting what's just beneath the surface then pulling out the best (or worst, let's keep it real) in any given situation. Do that with your own life this week. Pretend you're a friend asking for advice on how to transform the craziness around you into something useful.

How are your finances? Do you have enough to invest in your passions? Who can you tap to give you support? Are you getting your needs met? What behaviors need to change so that you can be satisfied? Lay on your couch, run through these questions, and then give yourself the answers. You already know what to do, Scorpio. You just have to remind yourself that you deserve what you want.
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November 22 to December 21

You may be one of the few signs that isn't exactly thrilled at the idea of committing, but this Wednesday's new moon demands that you do just that, Sag. First off, you have to let go of your idealistic notions around what it means to be with people. People are flawed and messy — just like you — and that's a good thing.

You've been working so hard at being responsible, Sag. But along the way you may have allowed your expectations to rise to unbelievable heights — so high, in fact, that no one, not even yourself, can meet them. Relax. Focus less on having it all together and more on being honest and vulnerable so that your partners can support you as much as you need.
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December 22 to January 19

With Uranus in your house of pleasure and creativity, having a good time is about to be your new baseline. More fun means more self-expression. More self-expression means more confidence. More confidence means more opportunities to achieve your goals. (See how that works, Capricorn?)

Make it your business to create a daily routine that allows you to keep your baseline happy (preferably during this Wednesday's new moon). If that's too much work for you to handle at the moment, that's fine. Just delegate! Enlist a friend to help you make time for what's important. Exercise? Check. Healthy meals and decent bedtime? Check. Bills paid on time? Absolutely. Staycations and planned days off plugged into your calendar? Hell yeah. Enjoy taking care of yourself, Capricorn, and all the success will follow.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
January 20 to February 18

We all hit low points in our lives, Aquarius. That's nothing to be ashamed of. It's how we rebound from those low points that's important. You're still not at 100% and you probably don't know exactly what you want to do next, but you still deserve to treat yourself to a good time. It sounds cliché, but there is value in playtime, romance, and creativity. They help push us out of our funk and remind us that, at our core, we’re just kids playing at adulting while we mess up and learn as we go.

During this Wednesday's new moon, practice being a kid again. Assert yourself, laugh, flirt, and go dancing. Fall in love with your life (and all its imperfections) because it's yours to create and enjoy to the fullest. Besides, the heavens have a way of sneaking important guidance in when we're joyful enough to receive it. Life can be awesome for you, Water Bearer. I promise.
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February 19 to March 20

This week could see you spending extra time around the house just because you need it, Pisces. You can do a little Netflix and chill, catch up on your ZZZs, and just be a bum if you like with Wednesday's new moon lighting up your home turf. But it’s highly recommended that you make your staycation a working one, if that gets you to declutter and reorganize your space. Let your home double as a retreat from the outside world and as your secret lair where all your grand plans come to life.

Note what interesting and long-forgotten things you come across as you clean out your closet. Whether you end up reading half-finished fan fiction and discovering once-used colored pencils, these relics of the past may be the sparks that reignite your creativity. If you’re going to be a homebody, Pisces, you might as well be a productive one — especially with Saturn asking you to make your pastimes more functional. Venus will lend a hand by lighting up your daily routines and demanding that your put her creative power to good use whenever possible.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
March 21 to April 19

You’re here to be a warrior, Aries, not a bully, so why not work on how you deliver your words? With the new moon landing in your house of communication, you get to revamp how you speak to people and lead more with empathy and sensitivity. In other words, make sure you're using more honey than vinegar in your recipe. Watch how people open up to you — and how few square up to do battle — because feelings were hurt or disregarded.

Remember that you’re still learning how to be the boss you were born to be, Ram. You get to decide what that looks and sounds like. Maybe this week will see you finding the middle ground between acting with no-nonsense, get-ish-done force and knowing when a kind word (coupled with a hug) is the better solution.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
April 20 to May 20

New you, new values? Your transformation process is ongoing, Taurus, and it's bound to affect your pritorites. This Wednesday's new moon will ask you to look over how you’ve been spending your time, energy, and money — and whether you're happy with how that shakes out.

You may want to keep a running list of your expenses and see if they mesh with your changing world view. You could run into some harsh realities this week. Maybe your favorite chocolate company engages in unethical farming and hiring practices, so now you feel obligated to nix that treat altogether. It sucks, but if you're not being true to yourself, what would be the point?

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