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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Shh — hear that? It's the sound of a quiet week. After much upheaval and excitement, the heavens slow down long enough for us to catch our collective breaths. The tougher aspects from Mars, Saturn, and Pluto start to ease up and Mercury is finally speaking in a language that most of us can comprehend. On April 22, Pluto joins Saturn and turns retrograde until September 30, giving us an opportunity to examine how we use power to either destroy or transform. Retrogrades are just review periods, so Pluto will be bringing back stories from late December 2017 and January 2018 to ask if you can wield your power with more efficiency this time around. And here's the thing: You can do it better, because now you have the wisdom of experience on your side to help.
Venus leaves the hedonistic comfort of Taurus for chatty and curious Gemini on April 24 and will stay there until May 19. This transit will feel like a much-needed breath of fresh air after living under relatively airless skies since the middle of February, when Venus was in Aquarius. As an element, air helps to transmit ideas. It adds levity and a dash of detachment so that we may exchange information without feeling bound to one point of view or another. Let Venus in Gemini break up some of the heat and heaviness that you’ve been living under. She'll invite you to be playful, curious, and even a bit mischievous as you go about your life. Smile! Laugh! Socialize! Tell a few quick-witted, bawdy jokes to lift the energy around you. Let the air of lightheartedness carry your spirits once again. You deserve it. We all deserve it.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
April 20 to May 20

Ah, finally a quiet enough week for you to get your senses under control, Taurus. It felt like the sky was falling last week, but this week is a lot quieter. Pluto, the planet of power and the unconscious, joins Saturn in reviewing your worldview and philosophies. I know it seems excessive to have so much attention being paid to what your beliefs are, but trust me, Taurus, once Uranus enters your sign in May you’ll understand why. In any event, don’t panic.

You're the hedonist of the Zodiac, the one who teaches the rest of us how to indulge in our senses, so here's your chance to do what you know and delight in your pleasure and what feels good. Doing so will give you a better understanding of yourself. Venus will move into Gemini on the 24th, where she becomes a chatty, curious gal who wants to talk to you about what your values. Luckily, Venus won't just ask the questions — she'll help you find more clarity about what you believe in, too. Here's her secret: If it sounds like fun and delights your senses, give it a try. Venus will be spending time in your house of self-worth and money, so it's all about what feels good. Just be mindful and keep a budget so you can enjoy the rest of your season in style. Have fun exploring, Taurus!
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
May 21 to June 20

Let the good times roll, Gemini! It’s not quite your season yet, but Venus, the planet of love, money, and beauty, is in your sign until May 19, so you get to love up on yourself something fierce. Allow Venus to remind you that you are indeed the sparkly, curious, flirtatious, and (at times) controversial mischief-maker that people adore. After the heaviness of the last few weeks, now's a good time to attract new friends and potential partners in crime to your table.

When Venus spends time in your house of self, it urges you to learn how to love and respect yourself first. Take care of and nurture your body first. Beautify yourself and feel good about who you are. However, while you’re working on your shine, be certain to maintain ample quiet time and rest up before your birthday season commences. Consider it time to reflect as the sun lingers behind the scenes in your house of the unconscious, going over the highlight reel of the last year. Soon you'll be asked to look forward and backward: Meditate on what you’ve accomplished so far, then ask yourself what you’d like to do next.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
June 21 to July 22

Your relationship lessons are going to be around for a while, Cancer. Take time to consider how you can be an authority within them and how they could change for the better. In other words, let go of the idea that this will be a quick fix. That said, Venus will give you a chance to nourish your heart and suggest you be of service to others. Imagine for a second if Ebenezer Scrooge had volunteered at a soup kitchen or donated funds to a school in need, what possibilities could have existed for him. Maybe he would’ve realized that there’s no such thing as being rejected and that love comes in many forms.

Now, I’m not saying that volunteering automatically makes people decent human beings, but the act of caring for the disadvantaged can connect us to a love that transcends our own lives and that’s what you need to indulge in, Crab. Find a way to tap into the love that threads through all things, whether through acts of service, meditation, art, music, or prayer. In doing so, you’ll refill your compassion capacity enough to do more heavy lifting with your intimate partners and, in turn, be reminded that they’re doing the work right beside you.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
July 23 to August 22

One way to escape the funk of the last few weeks, Leo, is to get by with a little help with your friends. Come April 24, Venus is taking her focus away from your career and reputation, and turning toward your friendships and the organizations that you love. Who you choose to hang out with can give you helpful hints about what you truly believe in, since your friends tend to share the core life principles that you do.

So, do some research, go out after work, and engage in both thoughtful and frivolous conversation with those around you. See what lights you up — and what makes you want to burn the world down. If you find yourself feeling bored and uninspired, then perhaps that’s a sign to find new people and wishes to invest in. You’re here to radiate warmth, Leo, so find others who help you to do just that. Think less about who looks good (or who makes you look good) and more about who stokes your curiosity and love for life. The long-term goal is to have a life philosophy so solid that you can do just about anything with it, so go out there and find some co-conspirators who'll motivate you to greatness.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
August 23 to September 22

You have so much work to do, Virgo, but you’re going to have fun while you do it. After the spectacular that was #Beychella, there's no denying how good it looks when you pour your heart into your craft and then broadcast into the world. It’s absolutely no accident that Queen B happens to be a Virgo, so, yes, the bar is high for you and the rest of your signmates, but you are fully capable of meeting it. You might not be in the business of dancing and singing for two hours straight, but you do know attention to detail and refinement. Allow Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your house of creativity to help you one up yourself.

Push a little harder. See how far you can go when you push beyond your own fears. Consider this period of time a working stage rehearsal and dress the part, as Venus will be up high in your chart for all to see. Make beauty and grace part of your selling point — dazzle and flirt with us, show off your talents as you work out the bugs. It'll make your final set that much better.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
September 23 to October 22

Remember when we said that love awaits you, Libra? Well, it does, but you may have to chase it down while Venus runs wild in your house of travel and expansion. Venus in this house loves the wider world, people from foreign lands, and opportunities to learn new things — she wants to expand her mind and her horizons. Back in the day, that meant having to book a plane ticket or sign up for combing through the stacks at your local university, but now that could simply mean watching a few episodes of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations or googling your favorite obscure topic.

After all the pushing and pulling you’ve been doing in your partnerships, Venus wants you to see how people around the world show love, connect with each other, and even resolve conflict. Sometimes we find wisdom when we allow ourselves to look at the world from another perspective. If you’re invited to attend lectures, cultural events, or a dinner at that new Ethiopian spot, say yes. You just might find the answers (or at least a few clues) that will eventually lead you to heal and experience love in a new way.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
October 23 to November 21

Psst, want to know a secret, Scorpio? People actually like you a lot. Why? It's mainly because you seem to know what people need and want before they even know themselves. That kind of laser beam perception and intuition is your superpower. The trouble arises when you use it to manipulate people, getting them perpetually hooked on your presence and subtly puppeteering them into giving you what you want. That’s supervillain-esque behavior — and a major no-no, Scorp.

This week, allow Venus to teach you the art of being genuinely intimate with the people you meet. Let them open up to you on their own terms. All you have to do is hold space, be honest, and guide them gently. That's how you get close to another human being, minus the villainy. Remember that this is all practice for you as Saturn and Pluto rehash the ways that you can both teach and communicate with authority. If people want to treat you to lunch or fund your next venture, that’s a completely different story. Just make sure they’re doing it of their own volition and not because you Jedi-mind-tricked them into doing so.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
November 22 to December 21

You’re looking good out there, Sag! Even though you may feel like you don’t have your life together just yet, don't stress — it’s the intention and the effort that counts. Pluto has joined Saturn in his retrograde status to help you review where your self-worth and diligence can be improved. If you keep showing up every day despite constant setbacks and disappointments, know that the tides will eventually turn in your favor, so try to learn from the tutoring for now.

That said, you look good when you work hard and your eu de responsabilité is wafting in the air, catching the attention of quite a few people, ooh la la! Venus is checking you out from where it resides in your house of partnership, so don’t be surprised if a few people ask you out for some one-on-one time. Please say yes — you need to be reminded of how awesome you are. It’s not about arriving at the destination of “my life is all sorted out and perfect,” it's about enjoying the journey and laughing along the way. Besides, the people want to hear about your many misadventures in adulting. You've got a story worthy of the bestseller list, Sag.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
December 22 to January 19

The energy is quiet enough for you to take a breather, Capricorn. Trying going back to basics: Find the joy and the playfulness in your daily routine to help relieve some of the pressure you’ve been under lately. The sun in Taurus will be shining its light in your house of creativity and romance, calling on you to twirl under the cherry blossoms (literally and figuratively). The prime of spring is a wonderful time to fall in love with yourself — or maybe someone else, if you’re feeling brave.

Venus will ask you to fall in love with self-care and your home life this week. Freshen up your fitness routine: Add more dance freestyles in your bedroom each morning and finally say yes to that hip-hop class your gym rat friend has been begging you to try. The point is to take care of yourself not from a place of duty and obligation (which tends to be your modus operandi), but from a place of joy and pleasure. It feels good to return to a clean home, a cooked meal, and sweet hugs and kisses at the end of the day. Play harder, Capricorn, it’s good for your health.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
January 20 to February 18

This week should feel a lot better, Aquarius, enough to maybe go outside to enjoy the flowers and chirping birds. But know that there’s no pressure to venture out of the house just yet. If bunny slippers and sun streaming through your window is all that you can take, that’s fine, too. However, you’re starting to get a creative pinging in your soul thanks to Venus entering into your house of creativity, children, and romance. It's time to fall back in love with the projects and ideas that have been collecting dust on your mental shelves.

If you’re still feeling a little low, I highly recommend spending time with kiddos. They’re the best creators around and will happily show you how to tap back into your happiness and creative spirit. With Saturn and Pluto reviewing your unconscious fears, maintaining a sense of joy is important, Water Bearer. Know that you aren’t being punished — you’re actually being relieved of your burdens and all the thoughts that weigh on you. But, in order to be free of them, you have to look at them for what they are: False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R.). It's a slog, I know, so turn up the music, bust out the water colors, and marathon a few dozen episodes of Steven Universe (it’s medicine, I swear). You’re going to make it, just keep believing.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
February 19 to March 20

Let’s do some deep nurturing work, Pisces. You seem cranky after all the fuss of the last few weeks. Like Dorothy says, there’s no place like home and that’s precisely where Venus is sending you as she visits your house of home and roots this week. If spending time at home makes you feel anxious and unsettled, it's because you’re an energy sponge, little Fish. When your environment is a mess, you’re a mess right along with it, unless your energetic shields are on super high.

So, instead of walking around feeling spaced out and fragile, take some time to take care of your home and, by extension, you: Grocery shop (or order in if you’re feeling extra tired). Clean the tub so you can spend time in water (your favorite conduit for great ideas and inspiration). Fluff your pillows and spray them with lavender before lighting tealight candles and incense. For goodness' sake, put your phone on silent and just relax so you can create the good vibes that you’ve been desperately craving. Remember, equilibrium is never going to come from outside of you. Even when the world is going crazy around you, you can to go home and restore your soul.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
March 21 to April 19

You get to take a mental vacation while Venus is visiting your house of short travel and communications. It’s been a trying few weeks, so keep your interactions super light and playful. Plan a few day trips to places that strike your fancy. Dust off your Kindle and finally finish Game of Thrones, which you had to abandon when the mega bosses in your life came knocking. Make time to hang out with your siblings or the close friends you’ve known since your school days. It'll feel so freeing just to catch up, get them up to speed with all your adventures in boss-hood, and laugh at how insane your life has been as of late.

You're in a cool off period where you simply get to enjoy whatever makes your mind feel like it's being gently stretched. If you’re looking for a more rigorous use of Venus in this house, sign up for a local class that adds to your skill set. I hear Mandarin is an excellent language to learn in today’s world, Ram.

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